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Power Diet Shoes
Power Diet Beach Walkers

Get fit, lose weight, burn calories

The Power Diet Shoe was developed by a team of leading sports scientists. Weight loss and overall health has become ever so important in today's fast paced society. Power Diet Shoes are the great new fitness and walking shoe that uses a patented interchangeable weighted insole technology to increase the effectiveness of any fitness walking routine, workout routine or everyday activities while maintaining a feel of comfort and stability.

The Secret is in the Sole
Target Area Diagram
Two sets of interchangeable midsoles (light weight and heavier weight) allow the wearer to choose a level of physical exertion during any activity.
For added benefit try these exercises wearing Power Diet Shoes:
The heavier Power Diet midsole will intensify the workout.
Power Diet Exercises

1. Intensification of abdominal muscles
Sit on a chair and bend one leg to the chest, then stretch and repeat.

2. Backbone, femoral part of the body, waist strengthening
Sit on a chair and bend one leg to the chest, then stretch the other leg at a 90 degree angle with the body.

3. Back, leg and waist strengthening
Stand up and hold the back of a chair. Stretch one foot towards the hip and repeat. Do the same exercise forward.

4. Side, waist, abdominal and leg strengthening
Lie on the floor and lift each foot separately. Repeat with other foot.

5. Side, waist, abdominal and leg strengthening
Lie on the floor and lift each foot separately up and down.

Power Diet Sole remove
Power Diet Sole insert

What is so unique about Power Diet Shoes?

Power Diet Shoes use a simple, proven calorie burning concept that has been reengineered by a team of leading sports scientists, to provide a safe, effective weight management and fitness aid for people of all ages and fitness levels.
Patented, interchangeable weighted insoles are used to increase the amount of work your body performs in everyday walking, whether walking as part of a regular fitness program or just part of your everyday activity.

The Power Diet Shoes enable you to "power up" your fitness level - whatever your current level of activity! What kind of health benefits can I get by using the shoes? By wearing the shoes you can immediately begin to:

* Burn more calories than wearing regular shoes
    * Up to 50% more when worn during exercise or a brisk walk
    * Up to 25% more when worn during normal daily activity

* Strengthen all of your main lower body muscles, especially those around the joints

* Tone and shape the legs and butt developing long, lean, attractive muscle

* Reduce cellulite

* Strengthen the abdominal, back and core muscles to promote better posture

* Raise your basal metabolism rate so that your body starts to use up even more calories every day

* Increase your body's ability to take in and use oxygen efficiently by up to 25%

You will start to feel and look better.

And, as you continue to use them you may get longer term health benefits associated with weight loss and regular exercise including:

* May reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and some cancer

* May help prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes

* May help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

* May help to maintain and build bone density which can help to prevent osteoporosis and the risk of bone injuries

* May help relieve stress

The health benefits of regular exercise and proper weight management are well documented. What evidence supports the benefit of using weighted shoes?

Numerous studies by leading universities have demonstrated the physiologic benefits of wearing weighted soles on heart rate and oxygen intake, calorie consumption and muscle activity. Power Diet Shoes in particular have been approved by the US Food And Drug Administration (FDA) as a Medical Device for Therapeutic Exercise and as a component for weight management.

All of these health benefits can come from simply walking with the Power Diet Shoes - whether you wear them to power up your regular walking routine, or just wearing them as part of your normal daily activity!

Burn more calories, improve oxygen intake capacity, strengthen muscles and your overall fitness by wearing the shoes while you are walking the dog, doing work around the house or running errands and while walking to and from work. Are Power Diet Shoes comfortable enough to wear every day for extended periods?

Power Diet Shoes are built to be comfortable and effective. Your only get the benefits of exercise if you do the exercise. Too many people start walking for exercise, but then stop because they experience pain or find they can't consistently devote the time. Power Diet Shoes can address both problems and help people stick to their fitness program!

Power Diet Shoes have been engineered to be comfortable and safe for day to day use with either the light or heavy insole. Features include:

* Heel construction designed with special gel insert - absorbs the impact of foot landing, helping to protect knee and ankle joints from micro trauma

* Flexible toe line allows a natural toe bend during walking or jogging

* Foot bed design cradles and supports the foot, dispersing the body weight load to the entire foot to minimize ankle and foot fatigue

* Insole incorporating hygienic materials and special air circulation grooves to keep feet dry, cool and healthy

* Outer sole made from hard wearing materials and built with superior non slip design for added stability and safety

The full weight of the heavy insole is in the bottom of the shoe and beneath the foot, therefore all of the physiological benefits of extra weight are gained without placing any additional pressure on the foot or ankle. How does wearing Power Diet Shoes differ from walking with weights strapped to the ankles? Isn't that the same thing?

Both the weighted technology used by Power Diet Shoes and using the old style ankle weights increase the amount of work the body is doing and provide health benefits. However, Power Diet Shoes weighted technology has taken the concept and engineered it to maximize the effectiveness, comfort and safety. That is what makes Power Diet new and exciting.

Typically, ankle weights are worn with regular shoes which are not designed to deal with the added weight and foot stress. That can lead to pain and the risk of long term damage to your feet from the cumulative effects of micro trauma to those delicate bones. The increased downward pressure on ankles, arches and the sole of the foot means more stress and discomfort that:
* Can cause you to stop using the ankle weights, or worse, stop your exercise program due to pain
* May damage the foot leading to the need for physical therapy or expensive orthotic inserts
Aside from these risks, ankle weights really aren't suitable for everyday activity because they are visibly bulky and unattractive.

* Power Diet Shoes have been engineered to solve those issues: Weight is in the bottom of the shoe - no stress on the foot and ankle
* Constructed to minimize the impact forces of walking or light running on knees, ankles and feet
* Weight is "hidden" inside a stylish sports shoe that is suitable for everyday wear.

Power Diet Shoes seem ideal for walkers, can joggers or runners wear them too?

The weighted technology of Power Diet Shoes were originally developed as a training aid for elite athletes. Power Diet Shoes are best suited for walking and light jogging on smooth surfaces such as an indoor track or treadmill. One only needs to remember to match your fitness level with your activity!

Walking is recommended as an activity that everyone can and should be doing. Therefore it is the best starting point for most people. Power Diet Shoes can be worn by people of any age and any fitness level.