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Anuschka® is a unique creation that blends art and functionality with élan. Anuschka bags are a feast for the eyes. The colors provide for a very powerful design element in style. The wide range of abstracts and natural scenes depicted in muted colors of all shades and hues transforms each handbag into an object of timeless art.

The commercial production of the artwork translates to one article at a time, as the personalized and individual workmanship is an integral part of each creation. The artisans take pride in the creation of every piece and view them as unique works of art, like no other. The rich and supple cowhide is specially created and carefully selected, allowing for the art to age like fine wine while getting enriched and attracting even more compliments.
By approaching fashion through intelligent creativity and striking the right balance between functionality and art, the painting on each handbag and accessory is qualified wearable art!

You get for what you pay
I am happy to recommend this beautiful purse. I have had SO many complements and envy looks that I am proud to wear it almost every day. I have been Anuschka fan for a long time but I was not able to afford them until I save money and pampered myself. The quality is top of the line, the size its right to fit my small Macbook air plus cosmetic bag. I definitely recommend this purse that is a piece of art!
Anuschka Mini X Body
I've been using this bag on and off for about three months exercising the same care as one would with any bag. The paint mostly the black paint is showing cracks in it. It almost looks like lots of scratches but are so multiple and multi-directional as well as hit or miss it couldn't be scratches due to normal use. Also, the black is most affected and it wouldn't be possible to just be scratching up one color like this. I liked it and received so many compliments on it I feel sad it isn't holding up properly. It is a lot of money to look shabby after just three months.
Anuschka Large Flap in Hibiscus
I ordered and received this bag in a beautiful Hibiscus pattern that was not at all the same color as in the picture. It was supposed to be a white and gray bag with black stripes and blue Hibiscus. I called Planet Shoes and learned it was an online error and I received the brown, green, orange Hibiscus pattern as that is all that is available through the site. I elected to keep the bag since it was so beautiful even though it was not even similar to the color I wanted. It is very pretty, perfect size, lots of room but still light enough in weight to be practical. STUNNING BAG!
This is a unique and beautifully functional bag for my everyday adventures. It makes a statement,
Anuschka wallet
This is one of the most beautjiful wallets I have ever owned. The painting is vibrant and the leather is butter soft. No problem fitting my cards inside as well. Love it!!!!

Anuschka leather bags are anything but ordinary. With exquisite hand painted designs, these beautiful creations are like collecting art. Created from high quality leather and decorated with sumptuous floral and print designs there is a great leather bag for everyone in this collection.

From the hefty tote bag to the more demure hobo-style Anuschka purse, you'll find the perfect bag in every size and style. A present for yourself, the Anuschka handbags are works of art that are practical enough to handle the demands of your busy life.