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  • Size: 79.80% True to Size (297 ratings)
    • 79.80% True to Size
    • 10.10% Runs 1/2 Size Large
    • 7.07% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 2.36% Runs 1 Size Small
    • 0.67% Runs 1 Size Large
  • Width: 92.39% True to Width (289 ratings)
    • 92.39% True to Width
    • 6.92% Runs Wide
    • 0.69% Runs Narrow
  • Arch Support: 49.46% Good (279 ratings)
    • 49.46% Good
    • 41.58% Excellent
    • 8.96% Minimal
  • Shaft Width: 88.89% True to Width (9 ratings)
    • 88.89% True to Width
    • 11.11% Runs Narrow

Arcopedico Shoes

From the beginning, there was only one goal for Professor Elio Parodi - create a piece of footwear that would be synonymous with the word "comfort." In 1966, Professor Parodi succeeded in attaining his goal and Arcopedico® footwear was born. Our feet have been thanking him ever since.

Due to its patented design and cushioning system, an Arcopedico shoe offers benefits that other brands simply cannot. Wearing an Arcopedico shoe will actually exercise your foot, strengthen the muscles, and ensure more comfort in walking. The tops of your feet will breathe easy and your soles will want to keep walking long after you’ve stopped.

Arcopedico not only offers an exceedingly comfortable shoe, they also offer many different styles and colors. You are sure to find something that will fit your casual lifestyle, whether it is an open toe sandal or a stylish Mary Jane. All Arcopedico styles are manufactured to provide you with industry leading comfort and durability. You owe it to your feet – try out an Arcopedico shoe.

Arcopedico Shoes

Arcopedico footwear consits of hand-made uppers that are woven from a continuous nylon fiber thread, giving guarantee of unlimited durability. The finest quality leathers and the latest hi-tech materials are used in the production of each shoe. The patented anatomic insole is formed to give metatarsal support and a specific stability for the heel and has twin supports to maintain the correct angle of foot arch support.

In a normal shoe the total weight of the body rests on three points only. This often causes pressure to the arch of the foot, as well as the big toe curvature, causing blisters and calluses etc. With "Arcopedico footwear" the foot rests on the whole surface area of the insole. Consequently, there is less tiring of the foot arch and the elimination of blisters and callouses. Furthermore, "Arcopedico Footwear" exercises the foot, strengthen the muscles, assist the circulation of the blood and ensures more comfort in walking.

Feels like a sock, supports like a shoe!
Ultra comfy boot with heaps of support. Wearing them all day and no sore feet! VERY happy with this purchase!
Wonderful little boot
Love, love these boots! I bought them in blue and green. The color is beautiful, and they are like slippers. Wonderful boot. It is not a heavy boot, it's a shoe boot.
Cute, Comfortable Shoe
This is a great shoe for me - my feet are funky and most shoes are awfully uncomfortable. Thanks also to Planet Shoes for mentioning that it ran large - I ordered a size 38 - perfect!!
So comfortable!
This is my fourth pair of arcopedicos and I love them. The really like the Leina, it fits perfectly and looks good. The only thing I have to quibble about it that the online picture does not show how shiny the colored bits are. This is a really shiny shoe!
Love this shoe! Love this company!
First, I had no idea I'd receive this pair of shoes in two days! Wow. That really makes me happy. Second, the shoe itself is awesome! I love the look and the feel. The arch support is terrific. They are kind of dressy but very casual too. I got the blue but I want more pairs in other colors!

Arcopedico shoes feel great on your feet. Of course, this is their reason for being, and you won't be disappointed by this amazing comfort footwear brand. For over 40 years, Arcopedico has been turning out lightweight, ergonomic, easy footwear for folks worldwide. Now, with the introduction of their Lytech material, they offer you all of the old benefits with the added feature of being eco-friendly. Lytech is vegan friendly, water resistant and biodegradable (certified by European Standards). This means that Arcopedico Lytech shoes use no animal-based products in their footwear production and they give you all the benefits of health and wellness while also being ecologically sound.

Lytech is also machine washable, light weight and travel friendly. This makes them perfect for the traveler and adventurer.  Arcopedico shoes can easily be tossed into your bag for an extended adventure and renewed each season with a quick trip to the washing machine. They also won't weigh you down as you walk all over the world. Whether you are exploring cities or the country - in the US or abroad - Women's Arcopedico shoes will take you where you want to go in complete comfort and casual style.

One of the aspects we really enjoy about Arcopedico footwear is the fact that their styles and features are literally perfect for every woman. If you're running around your college campus, chasing around kids, heading into the workplace, or even hitting the garden during retirement, these shoes are fun, comfortable and ageless. Lightweight, colorful, simple designs make Arcopedico shoes a versatile and smart choice for your wardrobe. And don't miss the fabulous Arcopedico booties! Adorable with any outfit, they are so streamlined and comfortable that you will not believe it!

If you have been looking for a simple, comfortable and light weight eco-friendly and vegan shoe, browse through Arcopedico. We know you'll find something to love!