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  • Size: 78.69% True to Size (488 ratings)
    • 78.69% True to Size
    • 9.43% Runs 1/2 Size Large
    • 9.43% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 2.05% Runs 1 Size Small
    • 0.41% Runs 1 Size Large
  • Width: 91.06% True to Width (481 ratings)
    • 91.06% True to Width
    • 7.28% Runs Wide
    • 1.66% Runs Narrow
  • Arch Support: 46.68% Good (467 ratings)
    • 46.68% Good
    • 45.18% Excellent
    • 8.14% Minimal
  • Shaft Width: 89.47% True to Width (19 ratings)
    • 89.47% True to Width
    • 10.53% Runs Narrow

Arcopedico Shoes
Arcopedico Shoes
Oh my god. I reviewed the wrong shoe. I love this shoe. It's my favorite and I have two pairs. Wonderful arch support. 5 stars. disregard my last review. :
Great shoe and great service from Planet Shoes.. I have these in 4 colors !!
I ordered the green and orange pair for a trip to Ireland, and they served me well. Lightweight yet sturdy, versatile style and comfortable for walking around Dublin.
Thrilled with these!
Couldn't wait to get these! I tried them on and they are so light and comfortable. I am wearing them to Ireland in the fall and can't wait to wear them out and about. They are stylish and so comfortable! They will look great with leggings, skinny jeans and any style pant. Great arch support! I love these! I ordered the spray finish to protect them in rainy weather.
Worth every penny!
I love these shoes! They are soft, comfortable and smart looking. I recommend these shoes highly; they make you look and feel good!

Arcopedico shoes feel great on your feet. Of course, this is their reason for being, and you won't be disappointed by this amazing comfort footwear brand. For over 40 years, Arcopedico has been turning out lightweight, ergonomic, easy footwear for folks worldwide. Now, with the introduction of their Lytech material, they offer you all of the old benefits with the added feature of being eco-friendly. Lytech is vegan friendly, water resistant and biodegradable (certified by European Standards). This means that Arcopedico Lytech shoes use no animal-based products in their footwear production and they give you all the benefits of health and wellness while also being ecologically sound.

Lytech is also machine washable, light weight and travel friendly. This makes them perfect for the traveler and adventurer.  Arcopedico shoes can easily be tossed into your bag for an extended adventure and renewed each season with a quick trip to the washing machine. They also won't weigh you down as you walk all over the world. Whether you are exploring cities or the country - in the US or abroad - Women's Arcopedico shoes will take you where you want to go in complete comfort and casual style.

One of the aspects we really enjoy about Arcopedico footwear is the fact that their styles and features are literally perfect for every woman. If you're running around your college campus, chasing around kids, heading into the workplace, or even hitting the garden during retirement, these shoes are fun, comfortable and ageless. Lightweight, colorful, simple designs make Arcopedico shoes a versatile and smart choice for your wardrobe. And don't miss the fabulous Arcopedico booties! Adorable with any outfit, they are so streamlined and comfortable that you will not believe it!

If you have been looking for a simple, comfortable and light weight eco-friendly and vegan shoe, browse through Arcopedico. We know you'll find something to love!