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    • 100.00% True to Size
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    • 100.00% True to Width
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---Hand Made
---Made in the USA
---Recycled Materials

Baabaazuzu came to be in late 1993 after Sue Burns cut up the shrunken remains of her favorite sweaters, pieced the fragments together and made jackets with matching hats for her two young daughters.

The process behind baabaazuzu’s creations is an age-old process. Felting. Simply put, it’s taking wool sweaters or garments and washing them in very hot water so as to shrink into a very dense, very strong wool “fabric.” Sue then takes the felted material, cuts them up and, with her eye-of-an-artist, purposefully pieces them back together into wearable works of art.

Just like snowflakes, no two pieces of baabaazuzu are ever alike. Each is lovingly handcrafted of 100% vintage wool, reclaimed and transformed into a beautiful and oh-so-cozy wearable. Every piece is an inspired original. Just like the person who wears it.

Each year, American textile waste accounts for over 3.3 million tons of the solid waste stream. Baabaazuzu helps to lessen this load by upcycling 750 pounds of wool garments and textiles every week. In addition to simply reusing something that would otherwise go into a landfill, baabaazuzu takes these additional “green” measures:

-Felted wool “scraps” not used in larger pieces are made into other products and accessories. Very little of the original wool textile goes unused.

-Use of Selestial Soap – a locally-made (less transportation involved), concentrated, biodegradable, phosphate- and dye-free laundry soap.

-Use of high-efficiency machines – though baabaazuzu’s sales have increased dramatically over the years, by replacing our standard washers with high efficiency, custom made machines, we have been able to keep our energy and water use the same, even with the increased output.

-Re-use (recycle) of boxes for shipping.

-Fleece lining in hats, mittens, etc. is made from recycled plastics.

-Baabaazuzu’s facilities is highly energy efficient, boasting a foot of insulation in its walls.

-Use of recycled paper in marketing collateral.

Cute and comfortable
This is a great way to avoid hathead when mostly you just want your ears warm! The O have an average size head and the band is comfortable; no biting or binding. No slipping.
It is comfortable
Cool bag!
I ordered a bag with fall colors. It's awesome! It's well made and the colors that were used are a great combination. I like a bag with a more secure closure. It's my own fault that I didn't realize that it doesn't have a zipper.
Infinity scarf
These are wonderful works of art...I ordered the neutral one and was so pleased I went back and ordered the red/black/gray scarf and mittens. Very unique and well constructed.

It's such an awesome feeling to take something old and worn and turn it into some fresh and usable. Upcycling and repurposing feel so much better than simply recycling because of the innovation, creativity and hard work that goes into making something ugly into something gorgeous! Baabaazuzu accessories has taken this idea to a whole new level, upcycling over 750 pounds of wool garments and textiles every week that were once destined for a landfill and transforming them into one-of-a-kind pieces that are super interesting and wearable.


Because no two Baabaazuzu hats, gloves and scarves are alike, you can always feel unique when donning these accessories with your already fashionable, intriguing style. The brand combines functionality, sustainability and fun flawlessly. Each of these pieces is a true original, just like each PlanetShoes shopper! So get out in your best pieces and a huge smile, stay warm, and have a few laughs in your newest Baabaazuzu accessories.