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  • Size: 71.75% True to Size (492 ratings)
    • 71.75% True to Size
    • 14.23% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 6.50% Runs 1/2 Size Large
    • 5.89% Runs 1 Size Small
    • 1.63% Runs 1 Size Large
  • Width: 83.54% True to Width (480 ratings)
    • 83.54% True to Width
    • 14.17% Runs Wide
    • 2.29% Runs Narrow
  • Arch Support: 59.26% Good (459 ratings)
    • 59.26% Good
    • 28.54% Excellent
    • 12.20% Minimal
  • Shaft Width: 85.63% True to Width (348 ratings)
    • 85.63% True to Width
    • 8.33% Runs Narrow
    • 6.03% Runs Wide

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Comfort is at the heart of what we do, and always has been. We want you to find long-lasting comfort in every stitch, every pattern, and every detail. Because at bogs, this is our promise-for everything we make to feel wonderfully, totally, perfectly, comfortably you.

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Bogs Footwear

At Bogs, we know that life is a matter of degrees. After all, we have our home in the Pacific Northwest – where a few degrees can be the difference between a snowstorm, a week of rain or a weekend of sunshine. After more than forty years in the shoe industry, we created Bogs as our solution to the all-weather boot. Since 2002, we have continued to expand our line of waterproof, durable and beyond comfortable footwear for people who work (or play) in the most uncomfortable conditions.

Bogs Boots since 2002
So cute
These are so cute and easy to pull on!
I got these boots to replace a cheaper pair that I bought a few years back. These were much more expensive than the ones I was replacing, but they seemed to look stylish from the images and I trusted that they would be versatile with the ability to be worn into the colder days of late fall and early winter. They ARE stylish. They feel good on my feet - I did transfer my old inner sole to the new boots, but I bet that I don't even need them for comfort. I feel happy when I wear them and I think they were worth the extra bucks. So far I've only worn them in late Spring/early Summer, but I give them 5 stars for comfort and style.
I can tell I'm GOING to LOVE THESE!!
They fit perfect. SO COMFORTABLE!! Cushiony foot pad. The colour is a really cool grey brown. I can tell I'm going to be wearing these a LOT this winter. will work with pants & leggings & skirts. Won't be surprised if they turn out to be my favourite, go to boot for a long time.
My second pair
I got my first bogs 8 years ago. I can still wear them but the soles are finally thinning - so a second pair was needed! Basic, classic black, really waterproof, mega comfy and they have handles. 'Nuf said.
Love Them!
I bought these boots for my almost ten-year-old son to get him through the no snow for winter boots/too cold for runners season. He loves wearing them, they're nice and warm and keep his feet dry. They will be great for when he goes hunting in the fall, as well.

Up here in the Northeast, we here at PlanetShoes know the difference a pair of awesome, totally waterproof boots can make when trudging through rain, sleet and snow. BOGS® unique footwear is 100-percent waterproof, offering unsurpassed comfort and warmth, even in sub-zero temperatures. Using non-slip technology to release mud and snow, BOGS' soles guarantee the traction you need, specializing in designs for agriculture, hunting and around the town. They've recently enhanced some of their designs with new, breathable materials to give you even greater, moisture-free comfort.

While innovation and high-quality construction are key, we know that you also love to look good in your rain boots. BOGS offers creative, functional footwear for men, women and children. You'll love BOGS® -- and your feet will too! 

If you are an outdoor adventurer or someone who works outdoors then BOGS is a name that you can trust to provide the quality you need to get the job done. BOGS men's hiking boots, for example, maximize comfort and reliability while keeping you comfortable and dry for the length of the trail and home again.

BOGS boots are world famous for their fit, comfort and ability to withstand cold and damp conditions. Combining a neoprene bootie and natural rubber for seamless waterproof protection and maximum warmth, BOGS boots can stand up to tough conditions on farms, around stables or in the woods.

In addition, BOGS makes women's hiking boots that give 100% insulated, cushioned, and waterproof elements all the way up and down that challenging trail! So grab a pair of BOGS, set off on an adventure, and enjoy the ride without a care in the world!