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  • Size: 86.67% True to Size (30 ratings)
    • 86.67% True to Size
    • 10.00% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 3.33% Runs 1/2 Size Large
  • Width: 86.67% True to Width (30 ratings)
    • 86.67% True to Width
    • 10.00% Runs Narrow
    • 3.33% Runs Wide
  • Arch Support: 67.86% Good (28 ratings)
    • 67.86% Good
    • 25.00% Minimal
    • 7.14% Excellent

That simple idea is the foundation of our company. Being ‘ocean minded’ and living an ‘ocean lifestyle’ begins with the inspiration and allure that the world’s oceans and beaches offer each one of us. The Ocean Minded™ brand enables an individual to identify, visualize, and embrace their personal beach and water-oriented passions in the course of their daily adventure. Whether you’re devoted to surfing in Hawaii, kayaking on the Sea of Cortez, snorkeling over the Great Barrier Reef, or warming up around a campfire in Big Sur, Ocean Minded™ welcomes you with open arms.


Furthermore, we have been organizing community beach clean-ups around the world, since our inception in 1996. In addition to consistently hosting or taking part in clean-ups, there’s nothing we enjoy more than educating our customers on the importance of leaving their chosen playgrounds in better condition than when they were found.

Volunteer attendance at our clean-ups, as well as the amount of trash picked up and properly disposed of, is annually updated in our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement, which lives on oceanminded.com Clean-ups that have been hosted outside of the USA include: South Afriica, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Canada, and Thailand.

Our belief that ‘Eventually, everything ends up in the ocean” has led us to host additional clean-ups in the mountains, as well as on the banks of inland rivers and lakes.

Ocean Minded is based on the lifestyle for which it was named. This is a company that is all about coastal living. The beach, whether it’s Ocean or Lake, offers us perspective, play time, peace and beauty and Ocean Minded is all about taking those lessons and experiences and bringing them into our daily lives. Are you a surfer? A beachcomber collecting shells and sea glass? Are you a sailor or a fisherman or a mama chasing toddlers in the surf? No matter what kind of water baby you are, Ocean Minded has a flip flop, a casual shoe or a sandal that will keep you comfortable and stylish.

Are you a flip-flop fan? It seems like flip flops have really taken over the US in the last few years. We know folks in the office who have dozens of flip flops and sandals and who take a great deal of pride in their flip flop tan all summer long. Sure, you can grab a pair of cheap plastic flops anywhere, but more and more consumers are setting their expectations higher, looking for higher quality materials and more supportive sandals, and more style, and more sustainability – the list goes on and on! Now a flip flop needs to keep up with you in every mode of life.

One of our favorite flip flop and sandal brands here on the site is absolutely Ocean Minded. They take all of these consumer needs into consideration and provide a terrific and fun variety of Ocean Minded flip flops that are perfect for the beach, the lake, the river, the city or the country. Comfortable, well-made and colorful, Ocean Minded sandals are also made with sustainable materials and there are even some vegan flip-flops available for the animal friendly consumer!

Ocean Minded sandals for men and women also run the style gamut. You’ll find sporty Men’s flip flops that are perfect for post beach volleyball and you’ll find leather and fabric uppers that can dress up or dress down your beach best. On the Ocean Minded women’s sandals side, you’ll find fun bright colors and patterns alongside delicate and feminine sandal styles that will suit your cute bathing suit and your favorite summer sun dresses.

Ocean Minded is working towards their eco-friendliness by incorporating sustainable materials into a number of their products. Some of their sandals and shoes incorporate recycled Croslite material, recycled car tires, hemp, organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles, water based glues, recycled EVA and metal free leathers. PlanetShoes.com carries several Ocean Minded vegan flip flops that use no animal products in their sandals.