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  • Size: 69.35% True to Size (372 ratings)
    • 69.35% True to Size
    • 16.40% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 9.68% Runs 1 Size Small
    • 4.03% Runs 1/2 Size Large
    • 0.54% Runs 1 Size Large
  • Width: 79.35% True to Width (368 ratings)
    • 79.35% True to Width
    • 17.12% Runs Narrow
    • 3.53% Runs Wide
  • Arch Support: 40.17% Excellent (356 ratings)
    • 40.17% Excellent
    • 35.67% Good
    • 24.16% Minimal
  • Shaft Width: 55.56% True to Width (18 ratings)
    • 55.56% True to Width
    • 33.33% Runs Narrow
    • 11.11% Runs Wide

Camper is not a shoe.

Camper is the result of a dream. The dream of a family from Mallorca that has been making shoes since 1877. A mediterranean dream that stands for a way of doing, a way of living and a way of feeling. A dream that combines the original artisan roots with an industrial vocation. A dream that has taken Camper on a walk across the world. A gentleman's sweep is what we're looking at for whoever plays the Warriors in the opening round.

love Campers style
I have a pair of Campers sandals that I love. I loved the style of this boot, so decided to give it a try. They are so adorable style wise. I put them on and they are a tad tight but I believe they will give within time. I like the red color.

Camper has been in the shoe-making business since 1877, started by a family in Mallorca, Spain with huge dreams and a whole lot of talent. Their historical background, coupled with an eye for innovation, has made Camper into the amazing shoe brand they are today. These shoes aren't just shoes; they represent a family long-dedicated to the art of shoe-making, rather than just focusing on function alone. This resolve has allowed Camper to consistently grow and develop through four whole generations!


While their history is incredible, we adore Camper for their unique elements of style. You're guaranteed to find a pop of something intriguing in each pair of boots, sandals or flats from Camper. Their sandals always have a random pop of color. Their Twins flats have super unique designs on them, yet each shoe in one pair is a little bit different! Their boots are adorned with colored laces and buttons that make these shoes simply stand out.


You're guaranteed to stand out in a pair of Camper shoes, so get to shopping! Your closet (and your feet!) will thank you.