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  • Size: 82.83% True to Size (623 ratings)
    • 82.83% True to Size
    • 7.87% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 6.10% Runs 1/2 Size Large
    • 2.73% Runs 1 Size Large
    • 0.48% Runs 1 Size Small
  • Width: 88.49% True to Width (617 ratings)
    • 88.49% True to Width
    • 6.97% Runs Narrow
    • 4.54% Runs Wide
  • Arch Support: 72.43% Excellent (613 ratings)
    • 72.43% Excellent
    • 24.63% Good
    • 2.94% Minimal
  • Shaft Width: 100.00% True to Width (8 ratings)
    • 100.00% True to Width


Since 1989, everything we do revolves around these concepts. Business at Chaco shoes remains a thoughtful process. From new style introductions to changes in tread pattern or glue formula, everything passes a litmus test to determine whether it's truly an improvement. We don't believe in complicated footwear and hype. Instead, we want to inspire lifelong commitment from those who put Chaco sandals and shoes on their feet.

1. NECK Reduces the occurrence of posture-related neck ailments.

2. BACK Minimizes strain on the back muscles and helps maintain proper spinal alignment.

3. HIP Prevents internal rotation of the femur, which alleviates pelvic tilt and reduces strain on the hamstring and gluteus muscles.

4. FEMUR Reduces internal rotation and eliminates strain on the IT band, decreasing IT band friction syndrome

5. KNEE Alleviates strain on the knee joint, preventing bursitis and medial knee injury.

6. SHIN Reduces torsional strain on the tibial muscle structure and the incidence of shin splints.

7. FOOT Helps prevent over pronation, plantar fasciitis, and various injuries to the foot.

Do you live your life yearning for adventure? Does the thought of slipping on your best waterproof shoes and exploring your local river simply thrill you? Sound like you? You have to try out a pair of Chaco! Here at PlanetShoes, we all know someone who absolutely adores their Chacos for life's craziest outdoor fun.


Chaco puts true thought into every aspect of their shoes. They want to develop a relationship with the people who love their sandals, one that lasts a lifetime. They believe that we live in a world that makes throw-away products: cheap, non-recyclable items that just end up a landfill and do more harm than good. Their desire to make shoes that last a lifetime is appropriate and authentic.


And not only does Chaco make amazing shoes... they do wonderful things for their employees and surrounding communities! They literally pay their employees to ride their bikes to work instead of driving. They make volunteering and advancing education possible for every person who works there. Their work on removing the Chipeta Dam had significant effects on the local environment, even earning them an award from the Western Slope Environmental Resource Council! 

Overall, Chaco is the coolest of sandal-makers, even expanding their sandal technologies into the realm of boots. Check out some Chaco shoes and stay safe and happy during all of your outdoor excursions!