Dimmi Shoes

dimmi was created with the sole purpose of doing good - of giving away its profits for the sake of health and well-being! Makers of dimmi will give away all of its net profits to medical research. Your purchase of dimmi shoes can help make a positive difference in the lives of many.

Here at PlanetShoes, we truly value brands that give back to the community. It's something we strive to do regularly and therefore love when the brands we carry believe in those same values. Dimmi shoes is one of those companies that gives back to the community... so much so that 100% of their profits go towards medical research! This is a rare and incredible thing, and we're proud to carry Dimmi for this exact reason.


Their 100% Good Pledge started when the Dimmi family was touched and influenced by ALS, a disease without a cure. This shoe-focused family pledged to from then on donate 100% of their profits to extend healing and advance cures across the medical community. This is the promise Dimmi makes to their customers... giving 100% Good through awesome shoes.


You can really feel-good about buying from Dimmi, but we can promise that your feet will feel-good too. Dimmi flats are super colorful, with fun patterns and designs that will spice up any outfit. They're also comfortable, which is so important in wearing flats all day long. Dimmi casual sneakers incorporate unique elements like colored laces and eye-catching patterns that make these shoes super fun to wear.


Buying a pair of Dimmi makes a positive impact on the lives of others, and on your feet!