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  • Size: 87.69% True to Size (195 ratings)
    • 87.69% True to Size
    • 6.67% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 3.59% Runs 1/2 Size Large
    • 2.05% Runs 1 Size Small
  • Width: 87.37% True to Width (190 ratings)
    • 87.37% True to Width
    • 8.95% Runs Narrow
    • 3.68% Runs Wide
  • Arch Support: 50.54% Good (184 ratings)
    • 50.54% Good
    • 44.02% Excellent
    • 5.43% Minimal
  • Shaft Width: 100.00% True to Width (1 ratings)
    • 100.00% True to Width

Since 1955, Eastland Shoe has been making classic, quality leather footwear the way they live life up in Maine-with honesty, integrity, sincere enthusiasm, and authentic down-to-earth American style. Eastland's mission has always been to make life a bit better by making shoes a lot better. If it doesn't meet Eastland's five high standards-comfortable, contemporary classic style, long lasting, versatile, and a great value-it doesn't walk out the door. Eastland's women's and men's footwear is created for getting feet where life takes them. Comfortably. Stylishly. For many miles. That's why Eastland shoes are more relevant to feet today than ever before.

Eastland Memory Foam

How it works:
Within the first 15 minutes of wear, your body temperature activates Eastland's Active Memory Foam insole which responds by softening and intuitively melding to the unique curves of your foot.
The cup of the insole cradles the heel, dispersing the impact of each footstrike by radiating the energy outward while filling in extra suppost beneath the arch of your foot.

    Key features and benefits:
  • Body temperature activated - environmental temperatures do not impact performance.
  • Replicates custom orthotics technology to provide support and comfort where you need it most.
  • Superior grade memory foam rebounds after each day of wear, ensuring long-lasting, responsive recovery.
  • Breathable, moisture-control for odor resistance
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic process.

Talk about classic- every line, every stitch of these Eastland loafers and sandals declares the rich history of the brand. Nothing newfangled or outrageous here- just elegant, comfortable shoes in rich leather. Eastland women's shoes range from sturdy but pretty sandals and clogs to preppy penny loafers just right for a Saturday lunch. There is also a full selection of ankle-high Eastland boots, a favorite fall footwear! Eastland for men brings all the classics including slip ons, loafers and lace ups with solid construction and elegant materials. All of these Eastland shoes are great for work or for the weekend. Get all the looks you need at a great price from PlanetShoes and don't forget free shipping!

Eastland shoes, started in 1955, has a reputation for making reliable, durable and classic shoes that will look great and last a lifetime. Best known for their oxford loafers, Eastland shoes are the perfect accessory to your classic casual wardrobe this spring and summer. They are known for being so comfortable that you'll never want to take an Eastland loafer off your foot!

Made with only the highest quality leather, Eastland shoes are the perfect option for seasonal transition. They'll keep your feet warm and dry in the cold winter and early spring and they'll look great without socks all summer long. Because of their construction, they ultimately mold to your foot becoming customized to your foot bed and offering you the best support.

The best thing about Eastland is that no matter what trend may be happening in fashion, their style is classic and consistent. They keep their shoes clean and modern but never succumb completely to trends. Investing in a pair of Eastland shoes guarantees you'll have a pair of shoes that you'll able to wear for years to come and look great doing it.