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  • Size: 82.97% True to Size (276 ratings)
    • 82.97% True to Size
    • 6.52% Runs 1/2 Size Large
    • 5.43% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 3.99% Runs 1 Size Large
    • 1.09% Runs 1 Size Small
  • Width: 89.45% True to Width (275 ratings)
    • 89.45% True to Width
    • 5.82% Runs Narrow
    • 4.73% Runs Wide
  • Arch Support: 51.67% Excellent (269 ratings)
    • 51.67% Excellent
    • 41.26% Good
    • 7.06% Minimal
  • Shaft Width: 73.68% True to Width (19 ratings)
    • 73.68% True to Width
    • 15.79% Runs Wide
    • 10.53% Runs Narrow

ECCO approaches design a little differently.
We design from the inside out: inside every comfortable shoe is a foot. Outside, you'll find inspiration from nature and fashion trends, the simplicity of Scandinavian design, environmental circumstances, and all the ways you run through the day. That's all important. We respond with shoes that take you from work to play, from casual Friday to tee time on Saturday and back through that great hiking trail on Sunday. We design our shoes to live up to all your functional needs. And inside it all is a comfortable foot.

We constantly strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations while increasing the positive impact we have in our communities. We wish to be an environmentally responsible neighbour and conserve resources for future generations through sustainable development.

As a manufacturer of leather and shoes we consume natural resources every day. In step with increases in production capacity, we ensure that we implement environmentally sound methods and technology. Continuous improvement is approached from all angles, from employee-driven environmental initiatives, to investing in renewable energy, as well as modifying production processes to reduce consumption.

Great shoe for super comfort
I just discovered ECCO brand shoes and I can't understand how I put up with the Easy Spirit shoes that I have worn for so many years. They might cost a little more but they are well worth the price!
Just what I wanted!
These are terrific boots that fit my high instep perfectly. Very comfortable from the moment I put them on.
A glove for the foot!
I love these shoes. They are comfortable with tons of support. Feels like a glove for the foot!
Well made soft leather sneakers...but i will be returning them bc they are entirely to long for the size i ordered.
Great and consistent fit
Got these for my husband, to replace the last pair he had. Same model, and the fit is the same despite having bought the last pair several years ago yay for consistency! They're sturdy, beautiful, high quality shoes and I'm sure this new pair will last him as many years as his old ones did.

ECCO are shoemakers. In fact, they are one of the few genuine shoe manufacturers that has survived and prospered in an ever-changing world. For 48 years, it has been ECCO's aim to produce high quality, casual comfort shoes with a perfect fit. No wonder that ECCO's customers are as passionate about wearing their shoes as they are about making them.

A family owned, financially robust company, ECCO has no need to make short-term decisions, save on material or compromise on quality. Ever. Because they know that to deliver perfect quality they need to control every single aspect of their business. So, ECCO shoes designers develop their collections, ECCO-owned tanneries produce the leather and ECCO shoes owned factories make the shoes sold in ECCO shops across the world and at the world's leading retailers. All of which makes ECCO unique in the global shoe industry.

To better build for comfort, they reinvented how shoes should fit. Conventional shoes fit across your feet at the toes, restricting the way your toes spread as you walk. ECCO shoes "Freedom Fit" fits from heel to instep, allowing toes to spread naturally to better support your weight and foster a more comfortable walking experience.

In this manner, ECCO shoes design philosophy embraces innovation—and tradition. European design is all about advanced materials, high performance, and beautiful styling. ECCO explores and creates at the nexus of these goals. Their award-winning designers draw inspiration from life around them, their heritage, and new materials to make every shoe a work of art that puts technology at the service of nature.