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  • Size: 85.61% True to Size (132 ratings)
    • 85.61% True to Size
    • 6.06% Runs 1/2 Size Large
    • 5.30% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 3.03% Runs 1 Size Large
  • Width: 92.37% True to Width (131 ratings)
    • 92.37% True to Width
    • 4.58% Runs Wide
    • 3.05% Runs Narrow
  • Arch Support: 58.91% Excellent (129 ratings)
    • 58.91% Excellent
    • 33.33% Good
    • 7.75% Minimal
  • Shaft Width: 70.00% True to Width (10 ratings)
    • 70.00% True to Width
    • 20.00% Runs Wide
    • 10.00% Runs Narrow

ECCO approaches design a little differently.
We design from the inside out: inside every comfortable shoe is a foot. Outside, you'll find inspiration from nature and fashion trends, the simplicity of Scandinavian design, environmental circumstances, and all the ways you run through the day. That's all important. We respond with shoes that take you from work to play, from casual Friday to tee time on Saturday and back through that great hiking trail on Sunday. We design our shoes to live up to all your functional needs. And inside it all is a comfortable foot.

We constantly strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations while increasing the positive impact we have in our communities. We wish to be an environmentally responsible neighbour and conserve resources for future generations through sustainable development.

As a manufacturer of leather and shoes we consume natural resources every day. In step with increases in production capacity, we ensure that we implement environmentally sound methods and technology. Continuous improvement is approached from all angles, from employee-driven environmental initiatives, to investing in renewable energy, as well as modifying production processes to reduce consumption.

We conserve energy through the development of new technologies, renewable energy and cost-effective improvements in our operations. Our teams strive to simplify operations and equipment and optimise product and process design to reduce energy consumption.

Both the consumption of energy and the use of raw materials are closely supervised, so that in all ECCO’s tanneries and shoe factories there is as little waste as possible. This includes the use of modern technologies, production equipment and manufacturing processes.

Fresh water is a limited resource. We are committed to the development of water management practices that minimise the use of water in our operations and conserve fresh water resources.

We substitute chemicals with products or systems with less environmental impact wherever possible. We minimise the use of chemicals at individual workplaces, train and educate employees in the handling of chemicals and carefully control chemical waste management.

The best !
Nobody makes better shoes. Great fit for my long narrow feet. Excellent support and so very we'll made. I now has two different styles and I will buy others in the future.
great shoe...but
I thought I could wear these shoes without socks, but they are not really summer shoes. Don't really breathe. I have to wear these withs socks.
Edinburgh Plain Toe
I like the shoes. I buy ECCOs because they run wide. This show was a little narrow compared to the Windor Slip-on. The width improved a bit after wear. I've only worn them about 3 times and imagine the width will get a bit better. I've walked a couple times in them for probably about 20-30 minutes and found them to be comfortably.
Awesome shoes.
My husband put the shoes on and I don't think he has taken them off, well maybe for sleeping. No honestly he loves them ands says there a very comfortable. We would order them again .
Fantastic Shoe
This is one of the best pair of shoes I have ever worn. I have narrow feet and I am between a 10 and 10.5 and it is impossible to find good fitting shoes. I usually wear a lower heel but these are so comfortable the heel size doesn't matter. I wore them the first time and was on my feet all day, up and down steps, on hard cement the whole time and when I got home, I hated to take them off. My feet actually felt better in them than out. This is my second pair of Ecco shoes and both pairs are unbelievably comfortable. I have been wearing Walking Cradles for a few years and thought they were great but they do not come anywhere near to the comfort of the Ecco shoe. I did buy a pair of loafers that do not have the same comfort lining and they are not as comfortable. Glad this shoe runs narrow so I could have a good fit. It may be a bit tight for a medium foot but size is true. I have worn them about 5 times so far and they do not seem to stretch so you may not want to buy them thinking they will stretch out.

ECCO are shoemakers. In fact, they are one of the few genuine shoe manufacturers that has survived and prospered in an ever-changing world. For 48 years, it has been ECCO's aim to produce high quality, casual comfort shoes with a perfect fit. No wonder that ECCO's customers are as passionate about wearing their shoes as they are about making them.

A family owned, financially robust company, ECCO has no need to make short-term decisions, save on material or compromise on quality. Ever. Because they know that to deliver perfect quality they need to control every single aspect of their business. So, ECCO shoes designers develop their collections, ECCO-owned tanneries produce the leather and ECCO shoes owned factories make the shoes sold in ECCO shops across the world and at the world's leading retailers. All of which makes ECCO unique in the global shoe industry.

To better build for comfort, they reinvented how shoes should fit. Conventional shoes fit across your feet at the toes, restricting the way your toes spread as you walk. ECCO shoes "Freedom Fit" fits from heel to instep, allowing toes to spread naturally to better support your weight and foster a more comfortable walking experience.

In this manner, ECCO shoes design philosophy embraces innovation—and tradition. European design is all about advanced materials, high performance, and beautiful styling. ECCO explores and creates at the nexus of these goals. Their award-winning designers draw inspiration from life around them, their heritage, and new materials to make every shoe a work of art that puts technology at the service of nature.