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  • Size: 79.62% True to Size (952 ratings)
    • 79.62% True to Size
    • 11.13% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 5.36% Runs 1/2 Size Large
    • 3.15% Runs 1 Size Small
    • 0.74% Runs 1 Size Large
  • Width: 88.25% True to Width (945 ratings)
    • 88.25% True to Width
    • 6.56% Runs Narrow
    • 5.19% Runs Wide
  • Arch Support: 52.85% Excellent (929 ratings)
    • 52.85% Excellent
    • 38.32% Good
    • 8.83% Minimal
  • Shaft Width: 75.68% True to Width (37 ratings)
    • 75.68% True to Width
    • 13.51% Runs Narrow
    • 10.81% Runs Wide

El Naturalista


ECO-SUSTAINABLE MANUFACTURING. Our CHROME-FREE shoes have no chromium and thereby prevent allergic reactions to this compound. Furthermore, its eco-sustainable production means a reduced consumption of electricity, water, gas and chemicals, as well as less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

El Naturalista Chrome-Free Shoes


This type of shoe stretcher has a slanted design that fits with the natural shape of the foot. It has been made studying the anatomical shape of the foot so that the shoes are replicas of the natural design of our bodies. The styles that have this ergonomic shape do not compress the foot when either walking or at rest, providing great comfort and health with every step.

El Naturalista Comfort Last


ONE BY ONE, HAND BY HAND. Our shoes are handmade in our own workshops, following an ancient Spanish handicraft tradition. Up to 100 people are involved in the process of making each shoe.

El Naturalista Spanish Handcraft


WE BELIEVE IN PEOPLE IS A COMMUNITY OF BELIEVERS. Believers are people who believe in people and the possibility of changing the world through our behaviour and attitudes.


HOW TO PARTICIPATE? Visit WeBelieveInPeople.org.

El Naturalista We Believe In People
3rd pair!!!
el naturalista has never failed me!!! this is my 3rd pair from this brand and i absolutely love it, i knew that my iggdrasil wont be my first buy...guess what, i have another one coming!
Beautiful and Comfortable
I''ve got a pair of El Naturalista boots that I just love, and these shoes lived up to my expectations. Love the rubber soles and the great arch support. The color and styling make them extremely versatile.
Lovely Shoes!
These shoes are beautiful - so well made. The hand stitching is perfect. I bought them in green and the color on line is exactly the color the shoe is in person. I love the unique style and color!
Fabulous All Around!
I ordered the Sunset Orange and absolutely love the color! The sandal is great for casual or you can dress it up a bit. I have a high arch and found these quite comfortable.
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Featuring El Naturalista

There is nothing us Planet people enjoy more than talking about shoes! When friends and family ask, “what are your favorite brands?” we naturally rattle off dozens of names we love for their own special reasons. Get to know what it’s like in our world of feel-good footwear as we share our experiences with you.

El Naturalista is all about daring to be different, encompassing a different way of thinking and acting. Their name and symbol, a frog, implies a rich and deep respect and trust in all things nature. Because of this philosophy, El Naturalista is completely committed to using eco-friendly materials and design in all of their shoes. They were one of the first shoe brands to adopt the use of eco-friendly leathers and recycled materials, establishing the brand as one of the industry's leaders in sustainable fashion. They've since expanded this commitment with a plethora of socially conscious donations and programs.  


On top of all these awesome initiatives, El Naturalista shoes simply makes amazing, unique footwear. They incorporate awesome colors and hues into each pair of footwear; from light natural greens to bright reds and deep purples, you won't find shoes in these colors just anywhere. El Naturalista shoes have small details such as interesting stitching and laser cut structuring that make them super intriguing to the eye. From casual mary janes to supportive sandals and super trendy, colorful ankle boots, you really can't go wrong in a pair of El Naturalista.


What many people don't know is that El Naturalista makes natural, interesting men's shoes as well! Their cool chukkas and easy clogs make living a natural, simple life a breeze. Add some El Naturalista to your life for colorful, wonderful shoes that will last for years.