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  • Size: 71.74% True to Size (46 ratings)
    • 71.74% True to Size
    • 10.87% Runs 1 Size Large
    • 6.52% Runs 1/2 Size Large
    • 6.52% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 4.35% Runs 1 Size Small
  • Width: 93.18% True to Width (44 ratings)
    • 93.18% True to Width
    • 6.82% Runs Wide
  • Arch Support: 46.67% Good (45 ratings)
    • 46.67% Good
    • 33.33% Minimal
    • 20.00% Excellent
  • Shaft Width: 85.71% True to Width (21 ratings)
    • 85.71% True to Width
    • 9.52% Runs Wide
    • 4.76% Runs Narrow


There's something about Australia's southern coast. Its wild and windswept landscape is surrounded by every kind of beauty—sandy surf, breathtaking vistas, rugged mountains. It's here, along the Great Ocean Road, where soil, sun and sea converge to create the perfect home for Merino Sheep and the world's finest wool and sheepskin.

We knew it 20 years ago when we began our journey. And our forefathers knew it back in 1948 when they founded Australia's well-known Jackson Tannery and crafted their first pair of premium sheepskin boots. Nearly seventy years later, we bring three generations of passion, craftsmanship, and knowledge working with the finest natural materials to a new era of craft and style.

And every day, we continue to be inspired by the beauty of our home and the magic of Merino.

Emu Shoes Fall 14 Collection

Emu began with a love affair, with the beauty of the Australian landscape and a desire for natural, effortless style that thrived in the elements.

Honouring our heritage, we now embrace a finer sense of comfort and beauty.

Because we believe that true craft lives in the details, quality endures, and style should live long after the season’s end.

We believe what we wear should be sensuous. Fashion and function should be harmonious. And life, love and landscape are here to be explored.

Mostly, we believe nature is the greatest inventor; we’re simply following her lead. We believe in the Ever Natural.

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There's really nothing better than coming inside after a cold day of trekking through snow and ice and slipping on a warm, fuzzy pair of sheepskin boots or slippers. The second your toes slip inside these warm shoes, you can instantly feel the warmth flow through your whole body! That's why we love EMU Australia. They've been producing the world's finest premium sheepskin and Merino wool since 1994. The use of these natural raw materials ensures that you'll get the best possible quality warm boots imaginable. Their sheepskin is also water resistant, giving these boots the ability to be worn outside! It's very hard to find shoes made with water resistant sheepskin, but believe us, EMU Australia has you covered. 


Named after the Emu bird, EMU Australia believes in constantly moving forwarding, standing tall and proud, and being resourceful in their shoe-making. The second you slip on a pair of EMU, you can tell the dedication and effort this family has put into their boot-making business. And with several heights and styles in a variety of colors, everyone can find their perfect pair of EMU boots or slippers!