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  • Size: 83.10% True to Size (284 ratings)
    • 83.10% True to Size
    • 8.80% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 6.69% Runs 1/2 Size Large
    • 1.06% Runs 1 Size Large
    • 0.35% Runs 1 Size Small
  • Width: 84.70% True to Width (281 ratings)
    • 84.70% True to Width
    • 12.10% Runs Wide
    • 3.20% Runs Narrow
  • Arch Support: 80.43% Excellent (276 ratings)
    • 80.43% Excellent
    • 17.39% Good
    • 2.17% Minimal
  • Shaft Width: 50.00% Runs Narrow (2 ratings)
    • 50.00% Runs Narrow
    • 50.00% True to Width

Finn Comfort is the undisputed leader in healthful comfort footwear for the sophisticated consumer. We set the standard by which luxury comfort footwear is measured.

Our aim is to produce the healthiest and most luxurious hand-made walking shoes on earth. Finn Comfort footwear provides extraordinary orthopedic support and exhilarating comfort while promoting good health and well-being.

Numerous meticulous refinements guarantee the high degree of exquisite natural comfort and legendary durability we have become renowned for. Our painstaking attention to detail makes Finn Comfort what it is today: a luxurious and healthful product of unsurpassed excellence featuring serious anatomical support that comes highly recommended by leading foot health professionals worldwide.

Finn Comfort Footbeds
A. Rich natural suede lining. Moisture absorbant, skin-friendly and organically tanned with pure vegetable dyes. Chrome and toxin free.
B. Air ventilation holes.
C. Serious support for medial, lateral and transverse (metatarsal) arches.
D. Resilient and shock absorbing cork/latex base.
E. Anatomically shaped hell cup.

All natural Finn Comfort footbeds may be removed overnight for airing. They may be hand washed with mild soap and warm water (30 C / 86 F). Let air dry naturally away from direct heat or sun. For optimum health & hygiene, replace your Finn Comfort footbeds regulary.
classy shoe!
This shoe is similar to the soft style 96100, the differences are this one is made for a women's shape. The 39 in the 96100 style is slightly larger than the 96101 style.. I wear size 38 in FC's sandals, and a 39 in the womens closed toed styles. This shoe is padded all around your foot which I found to be really nice. It has a slightly raised heel, the unisex style does not. I walk miles every day and Finn Comfort shoes are the very best.
Love them
Comfy and good looking
I bought these in the Fango color which is like a champagne, very pretty. These have good arch support and the velcro helps to fit the sandal very well to the foot. I have a wide-ish foot but if I wear a size slightly longer then I can wear medium width. These worked out really well. The insole is removable for custom orthotics which is nice except my orthotics are a bright blue, so I would just stick with the insole that comes with it, which has pretty good support. The leather on the insole seemed a bit rough but smoothed down over time. Good sandal for walking.
Mumbai sandel replacement
The last pair of Mumbai sandels absolutely split at the sides and so we needed a replacement . We did not ask planet shoes to replace them ,so perhaps we should have done so rather tan pay for a new pair when the split ones were only 4 weeks old
Very confortable
Very confortable, a little wide but good support

Finn Comfort shoes are exceptional. This company has created several lines of shoes that are completely devoted to comfort and foot health. Hand made in Germany, they are often touted as being some of the finest walking shoes available in the world. Every pair of Finn Comfort shoes is packed with features, including an all natural anatomically designed orthopedic footbed, leather lining and climate control channels, natural anatomical shape, and foot motion guidance to support natural gait and healthy leg positioning. 

Finn Comfort footwear makes shoes that are lightweight and highly shock absorbent to ensure joint protection. Their pronounced heel cup is anatomically shaped and helps add extra cushion. Even more special, every Finn Comfort shoe is hand-stitched to add flexibility and durability. 

Basically, every pair of Finn Comfort sandals and shoes is made with painstaking attention to your comfort and support. This is a company that seriously understands your feet. Many people who suffer from foot pain, back pain, knee pain or ankle pain when walking have found that Finn Comfort sandals and shoes alleviate their pain and, in fact, prevent further injury. They even offer a line of footwear called Finn Ortho specifically for people with diabetic foot syndrome.

Here at PlanetShoes you can also find the beloved Finn Comfort Finnamic line. These shoes are designed for improved health and fitness during every day activities. The Finnamic sandals and shoes have a gentle rocker sole, incredible shock absorption and specially designed anatomic footbeds. The idea is to increase circulation, improve posture, and therefore core musculature while encouraging a higher level of overall fitness – without having to go to the gym or take long strenuous walks. You can depend on the quality and exquisite craftsmanship of Finn Comfort and Finnamic shoes to keep your feet healthy and comfortable, no matter the circumstances.