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  • Size: 87.43% True to Size (350 ratings)
    • 87.43% True to Size
    • 7.14% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 3.71% Runs 1/2 Size Large
    • 1.43% Runs 1 Size Small
    • 0.29% Runs 1 Size Large
  • Width: 85.39% True to Width (349 ratings)
    • 85.39% True to Width
    • 12.03% Runs Narrow
    • 2.58% Runs Wide
  • Arch Support: 60.52% Excellent (347 ratings)
    • 60.52% Excellent
    • 31.99% Good
    • 7.49% Minimal
  • Shaft Width: 78.57% True to Width (14 ratings)
    • 78.57% True to Width
    • 14.29% Runs Narrow
    • 7.14% Runs Wide

Geox Shoes are the shoes that breathe. Geox was born when founder Mario Moretti Polegato was jogging and decided to cut holes in the outsole to cool his feet. This innovative shoe design has quickly become a favorite worldwide, instantly showcasing new technology for comfort and with it, an advanced design that encompasses sport, casual and dress shoe looks.

The Geox breathes® patented system contains micro-holes in the rubber outsole let perspiration from the feet out of the shoes and the breathable membrane keeps water out and the feet dry.

The Ultimate Breathable Shoe

Xense features extra-large perforations in the sole that, when combined with the full-size membrane, enhance breathability and provide high levels of performance, even in the hottest climates. A special layer protects feet from sharp objects – even in the perforated areas of the sole – without limiting the performance of the membrane.


The geox is created and designed in the heart of Tuscany (Italy) by a team of highly qualified and passionate shoemakers.

Ultra-High Performance

XENSE’s flexible “anatomic” sole allows for a natural roll in your stride, letting you feel the ground almost as if you were walking barefoot. Made of abrasion-resistant rubber + EVA, the soles have a unique design that features deep anatomical grooves to ensure an optimum grip on any surface. The soft, flexible upper moulds to the contours of your foot and continually adapts to movements, ensuring a high degree of versatility. With a weight of just 225 g, XENSE offers an incomparable feeling of freedom and does not cause fatigue, allowing you to walk naturally in complete comfort.

Love these shoes
Shoes are perfect on my feet.
Great shoes!
Very happy with this pair of Geox. I think they are very comfortable and built well. Patent leather is dressy enough for work, but also good for casual wear.
Awesome look and feel!
I''ve lusted after these boots for a while... but kept denying myself the purchase. I''m SO glad I decided to indulge!! They are comfortable, warm AND waterproof!!
Want these in all colors
Very classic heels. They are very comfortable too! I wish there were a little more diversity in design in which case I would buy one in every color.
Love that these go with everything I wear. Comfortable and received many compliments on them!

It’s not often that you find a shoe company that seamlessly brings fashion, technology and comfort together in one. Geox is just such a company. The history of the brand is based on a great story – their founder Mario Polegato was annoyed by how hot is feet were getting on a run and decided to cut holes in the outsole of his shoes to cool his feet. Geox Footwear was born, incorporating the breathes® patented system that incorporated micro holes in the rubber outsole of every Geox shoe, allowing heat and sweat to escape but keeping cold and water out!

But enough about the technology – women's Geox shoes are fabulous! You might imagine that all that technical stuff would interrupt the design of the shoe but not in the case of Geox. You will find some incredibly beautiful shoes from this brand, high quality and elegant leather strappy sandals, dress shoes, adorable ballet flats and even sporty sneaks and Mary Jane’s. Every pair of Geox is detailed, well constructed and comfortable – and they all keep your feet cool to boot!

On the men’s side, you’ll find great looking Geox shoes and sneakers. Men’s Geox shoes really run the style gamut offering high end loafers and oxfords that will work with any suit along side sweet looking casual sneakers and transitional loafers that could move from business casual to any weekend affair.

Kid’s Geox are also a great investment. Their sneakers and sandals will absolutely stand up to any activity your kids enjoy. Geox kid’s shoes also use a lot of Velcro closures, which, as any mom or dad knows, just make life faster and easier! Whether you want a sturdy pair of sandals, a sleek pair of great Geox sneakers or a pretty pair of Mary Jane’s, Geox has you covered!

So check out Geox – it sounds technical, and these are shoes that will keep you comfortable all day long – but not one iota of style is sacrificed in the making. Geox shoes give you everything – fashion, comfort and technology in one!