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Goodhew socks ensure the most comfortable and durable socks. With consideration to each and every detail, Goodhew socks are made from only the finest materials. The thread architects study every element of construction and materials to ensure that product design is the best available. Selecting the finest materials, Goodhew socks are one-of-a-kind.

Goodhew socks has created the ultimate wearing experience. Taking into account all the elements: softness and comfort, moisture management, breathability, blister resistance, durability, and of course visual appeal. Designed to ensure the best style and fit, Goodhew offers the world's finest socks. Goodhew socks feature flat toe seams, ring-toe cushioning, Y-heel construction, arch support and turn welt tops. Goodhew socks are the kind of products that once worn, you can't imagine living without.

Goodhew is committed to maintaining the smallest carbon footprint possible. We care about the world we live in and look at every aspect of our operations to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our products are constructed almost exclusively of natural materials. Fibers such as wool, bamboo, cotton, and alpaca are all renewable materials.

Our packaging is printed on recycled paper stock and is fully recyclable. We pack our products in recyclable poly bags which reduces product weight and space in shipping as compared to the traditional chip board boxes used by many companies. Our packing configuration minimized the space requirements for our product on the truck and reduces the fuel requirements to deliver our products.

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Goodhew takes socks very seriously. To this Chattanooga, TN based company, the making of socks is a labor of love. From the materials chosen, to the painstaking selection of materials and the specific methods of construction, there is no detail too small in the making of a great sock. Goodhew socks start with thread architecture, ensuring that they understand every seam, every part of a fashion accessory and then they work through the design to ensure its perfection. Once you try a Goodhew sock you'll be amazed that you waited so long to feel their support.

First, Goodhew socks are made with high quality and natural materials - that are also renewable. Cotton, alpaca, wool, bamboo and cotton are all used in Goodhew products and then they augment the natural fibers being used by incorporating spandex throughout the entire sock. This, along with proper fit and construction, ensures that your socks will stay in place. Goodhew socks also all include their designed Flat Toe seam which means no annoying bunch of fabric at your toes. They also use a Y Heel construction to give plenty of room for your heel and to keep your sock from slipping around and they incorporate arch support in some designs by adding extra spandex in the arch area of the foot. Finally, every Goodhew sock has a turn welt top which keeps the sock up during wear and also offers a clean and finished look.

Every Goodhew sock is designed with durability in mind, so they will last longer than your average sock, and they'll perform beautifully and (almost) seamlessly no matter your footwear choice. Goodhew is also environmentally conscious, using sustainable materials in their products, using recycled paper stock in their packaging and packing their products in recyclable poly bags.

So whether you need an ankle sock, a knee sock, a fun sock or a plain sock - whether you need something for under a boot or under a loafer, check out Goodhew socks and enjoy the luxury of a great fitting and super comfortable high performance sock! We're proud to offer you Goodhew sock here at PlanetShoes!