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Think about the difference between mittens and gloves... while mittens perhaps keep your feet warmer, gloves allow for greater movement and dexterity of your fingers. And if you think about it, the same goes for your feet! Injinji has created socks that, rather than making toes work together as one unit, separate them within the sock to promote their natural movement. This allows for better athletic performance, increased agility, and so much more!


The makers of Injinji socks set out to redesign the concept of a perfect sock, and they sure accomplished that feat. They strove to create a sock that mimicked barefoot movement while still retaining a high level of comfort. These socks do just that... leading to the best athletic performance you've ever experienced!


Yoga lovers absolutely adore the Yoga Toesock by Injinji. The grips on the bottom of these toesocks allow for no slipping or sliding during yoga, a feature yogis around the country appreciate. Try a pair of Injinji socks to better your next workout!