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  • Size: 80.77% True to Size (26 ratings)
    • 80.77% True to Size
    • 7.69% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 7.69% Runs 1/2 Size Large
    • 3.85% Runs 1 Size Large
  • Width: 88.46% True to Width (26 ratings)
    • 88.46% True to Width
    • 11.54% Runs Narrow
  • Arch Support: 50.00% Good (26 ratings)
    • 50.00% Good
    • 46.15% Minimal
    • 3.85% Excellent

What's with the dots?

Studies have shown that maintaining a direct connection between your body and the Earth’s surface can be beneficial to your health. Wearing Juil shoes allows you to make that connection.

In our everyday lives, we are exposed to toxins and stress. Exposure ot these stresses and toxins leads to a buildup of free radicals in our bodies. These free radicals stack healthy cells and cause inflamation. Fortunately, we have the Earth, a gient magnet with endless supply of electrions. Through the ground these electrons are absorbed to neutralize and release the free radicals in our bodies.

While the easiest way to stay grounded is to walk barefoot, that is not always possible. And unfortunately, most footwear has rubber or plastic outsoles that insulate your body from making a connection to the earth, but not Juils. By placing copper dots in our shoes, these electrons are absorbed to cleanse your body of free radicals, just as if you were barefoot, allowing you to stay truly connected and balanced.

With over 45 years of footwear experience, Juil footwear was created to enhance your wellbeing and remind you of how important every step is. Fine craftsmanship, quality leathers, and years of research have combined to design a superior product, just for YOU. With Juil, comfort isn’t a wish anymore – it’s a reality. We want you to look good, feel good, and BE GREAT. You deserve it.

run one size too big
these were way too long on my foot. sending them back for one size down. fingers crossed they work out because they are a beautiful sandal! nice soft leather and comfy foot bed.
Great shoes!
Pricey sandals that I was somewhat hesitant to try given that I knew nothing about the brand, but quite happy with my purchase now that they're here. Definitely run true to size - don't worry about sizing up. Somewhat stiff the first day, but broke in easily and now one of my favorite pair of shoes. Quality material, made to last, and a great style. Definitely would recommend them to anyone looking for a staple shoe they plan on using often.
I absolutely love these shoes. Since receiving the first pair, I have ordered 2 more pairs. Quality workmanship. Planet Shoes has been very good to work with. Had to return 1 pair of another brand and it went flawlessly.
Amazing Shoes to Wear Everywhere
Purchased these shoes after having seen an ad in Pilates Style magazine. The picture made them look interesting and comfy. But, I have feet that are a little wider that normal and bunions so I wasn't even sure they would fit comfortably. I was worried about the copper hitting in places that would hurt. When I tried them on I was hooked - they are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own and I am wearing the right now.
Exceptionally Diff. Sandal Experience
I was intrigued on the Earthing, or Grounding effect the copper dots under the toes and heel offered, so I felt the sale price was an invitation to try the Juils. Amazing...I feel a great kind of energy while wearing them, I just feel Generally Great in them! The blue metallic color are pretty and chic and the fit are right on the money for my 6.5 narrow foot. They seem to be well made and look like it. I get guys glancing at my summer feet and feel happy! Also, I have a 10 yr old ankle injury that starts to throb in less-supportive shoes, which informs my purchases. So far, whatever energy-generating is going on with those dots, is working for my ankle. I don't get fatigued walking around; my feet feel great. I spent one day breaking them in and getting over some minor rubbing around the top of the foot. After that, they fit like a glove and I find I don't want to take them off. Looks like I'll be living in them this summer. My next Juil purchase: the clogs with toe/heel dots!!

Juil shoes want to give you back your energy... the natural way. These shoes remind you to take the time to reconnect with what's most important, whether that be your friends, family, health, or the earth itself. The unique copper connectors in the toes of these women's sandals offer a unique connection through the earth, one of conductivity and pure feeling.  


These sandals and flip-flops will make you feel-good about a solid, deep connection with the earth that can be difficult to feel with the distractions of every day life. With unique fun colors and interesting designs, there's no going wrong style-wise either! They even come in a few vegan styles. Grab a pair of Juil sandals and everyone will be asking about your cute, copper-dotted shoes.