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  • Size: 80.24% True to Size (6347 ratings)
    • 80.24% True to Size
    • 8.76% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 8.08% Runs 1/2 Size Large
    • 1.67% Runs 1 Size Large
    • 1.24% Runs 1 Size Small
  • Width: 85.89% True to Width (6281 ratings)
    • 85.89% True to Width
    • 7.21% Runs Narrow
    • 6.89% Runs Wide
  • Arch Support: 62.19% Excellent (6160 ratings)
    • 62.19% Excellent
    • 32.84% Good
    • 4.97% Minimal
  • Shaft Width: 79.79% True to Width (480 ratings)
    • 79.79% True to Width
    • 12.92% Runs Wide
    • 7.29% Runs Narrow

Kalso Earth Shoe

the original wellness shoe. designed by nature, created by kalso.

It’s a story that goes back more than 40 years. Anne Kalsø, a Danish yoga instructor, made the insightful observation that the daily raising of the toes relative to the heels could actually help people attain a physical feeling of wellness like that achieved in the yoga position known as ‘Mountain’ pose. Inspired by the thought that wellness, in its most organic form, could be made part of an everyday experience, she set out to develop the original wellness shoe – the very first Kalsø Earth® Shoe. From those passionate beginnings now thrives an expansive collection of casual wellness footwear for women. Each and every shoe true to its roots as ‘the original wellness shoe’. Kalsø Earth® Shoes. Designed by Nature. Created by Kalsø.

Kalso Earth Shoe

It's the "Yoga-Inspiration"!

designed by nature

  • gentle sole incline sets heel slightly lower than the toes
  • mimics walking barefoot in sand by naturally positioning body over frame
  • better walking motion helps improve posture and reduce joint stress

created by kalso

  • developed by a danish yoga instructor,anne kalsø
  • based on the popular yoga position — "mountain pose"
  • inspired by kalsø's belief that wellness - in its most organic form - should be part of an everyday experience
I have searched high & low for a decent looking pair of BLACK shoes other than athletic that FIT, are COMFORTABLE, that I can wear to work or out and about with casual black slacks. They are slightly loose in fit width - wise but not unacceptable. Love them!
favorite shoes ever
Kalso Earth is definitely the brand for me! This was one of my favorite shoes ever but i cant find them anymore? Please let the company know! And have them make them in more colors! Cute and very comfy!
Best. Shoes. Ever.
Love love love Kalso Earth shoes, especially the Solar. I never need to use my orthotics for arch support. At work, I've had many customers both men & women inquire about them, as they even look comfy. It's fun to explain the 3.7 degree concept.
Cute and comfy
I love these shoes. They have good support, a nice wide toe box, and they look spunky. I am 67 and getting lots of compliments!
love this shoe
Shoe is lite and comfortable. Great arch support and cute.

Kalso Earth Shoe holds a special place at PlanetShoes. As one of our first brands, Kalso Earth Shoes shaped the way PlanetShoes thinks about our footwear; shoes should be comfortable, promote wellness, and look great, no questions asked. With the official original wellness shoe, Kalso definitely inspired that mold.


Kalso Earth Shoes are so insanely comfortable because they are inspired by natural yoga poses. When Anne Kalso realized how beneficial the Mountain Pose was to overall wellness, she sought to incorporate the feeling of this position into an everyday shoe-wearing experience. Boy, did she get it right! The natural gentle sole incline sets the heel slightly lower than the toes, allowing your body to stand in mountain pose all day long.


And with such a variety of styles, you really can't go wrong with Kalso Earth Shoes! Their sandals allow you to roam the beaches in style and comfort, while their boots help you tackle the winter with ease and poise. Casual sneakers give your everyday life an extra kick and mary-janes spice up any outfit. Even more, Kalso has a great vegan collection, using no animal byproducts in the making of their shoes.


Kalso Earth Shoes believes that wellness should be a part of life all day, every day. That's a mission PlanetShoes truly believes in and has brought forward into all of our shoes, community efforts and online presence more generally. Step into wellness with Kalso Earth Shoes!