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A new collection of women’s bags, luggage, and accessories inspired by the contrasting colors and forms that grace the landscaped of our favorite places.

Lilypond was born of an adventurous spirit and designed to complement a woman’s unique style, charm, and personality. Purposeful to be sure, but with a playful twist of color and styling that makes lilypond the perfect collection for every season, every reason, and every place in between.

Within the lilypond line you will find your sense of freedom, your unique voice, and a way to express your personal spirit.


Lilypond bags are fun, free spirited and versatile. These are bags designed to help you get through your day, no matter your lifestyle. They have tote bags for the farmer’s market and the mall. They have duffel bags for overnight or for yoga class. They have Lilypond purses that will help you travel the globe, safely, securely and stylishly! Lilypond bags bring together color, texture, utility and fun to offer a fabulous line of fun bags for every woman every day.

We love a fashionable and classic leather bag as much as the next person, but it must be said that we are suckers for color. Lilypond bags bring together vibrant colors and fun pops of pattern to create unique and whimsical designs. These are the perfect bags for the woman who commutes every day on the train or subway, the perfect totes for women who are constantly on the go and for the woman who wants a fun handbag that will keep up with her errand-ing and visiting without slowing her down. Many Lilypond bags are waterproof and will hold up in any adverse weather, keeping your belongings safe and dry. Despite this, they are easy to wash and maintain.

One of our favorite Lilypond bag features is the molded bottom of the bag. No matter the style, they stand up when you put them down and the base of these bags is made with sturdy material that is protective and convenient. Finally, you’ll feel free to set your bag down without fear of falling over and spilling its contents everywhere! This molded bottom also makes these bags more durable and versatile which is a major plus. Lilypond bags also often come with a fully padded shoulder strap so if you need to load your bag down, your poor shoulder will not suffer the consequences. As you can see, Lilypond bags are made for women on the go who need a go-to bag!

And just so you know, several of these bags would be perfect diaper bags. Most Lilypond bags come with a large interior laminated spill proof pocket with a zipper closure, and tons of extra pockets. Could you ask for a more practical and cute diaper bag for a new mom? I think not! And if you get a neutral color, Dad won’t even be embarrassed to carry it!

No matter the application, Lilypond bags will have a solution for you. Lilypond gym bag? Check. Lilypond overnight tote bag? Check Versatile Lilypond purse or Lilypond bag from