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  • Size: 88.24% True to Size (34 ratings)
    • 88.24% True to Size
    • 8.82% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 2.94% Runs 1/2 Size Large
  • Width: 88.24% True to Width (34 ratings)
    • 88.24% True to Width
    • 8.82% Runs Wide
    • 2.94% Runs Narrow
  • Arch Support: 71.88% Excellent (32 ratings)
    • 71.88% Excellent
    • 18.75% Good
    • 9.38% Minimal
  • Shaft Width: 100.00% True to Width (1 ratings)
    • 100.00% True to Width

Modern Look, Maximum Comfort.

Incomparable comfort, perfect fit, as well as, Soft-Air Technology, innovated exclusively by Mephisto; all to ensure a soft and comfortable walking experience: even after a long day you still feel great and full of energy in your Mephisto shoes. An exceptional experience and a feeling of well being that you cannot replace!

Mephisto offers you a modern and optimal comfort experience. The soft-air midsole, flexible and soft, present in every Mephisto shoe, reduces the shock from walking to an absolute minimum This protects your feet, joints and vertebrae, while maintaining proper hygiene.

The description does not fit the picture
this loafer has a forefoot strap with silver-tone accents,
Gorgeous wedge
I really wanted these to work since they are so comfortable and simple with a nice all-day heel. I wore them in the house and after 10 min I could feel my arch hit the edge of the footbed. I know from experience that this would cause pain after a while. I do have a low arch so I think this issue is my foot, not the shoe. I thought that the material may settle with wear but not willing to risk it at this price. Still a 5 star shoe. Hope it works for others.
Perfect casual shoe
I got these for travel but will wear them more than that for sure. They are dreamy soft and yet sturdy. The only pair of shoes I will need as they look good with shorts, jeans, and casual dresses / skirts. Might me the most comfortable shoe in my closet. I am a little concerned about the nubuck I got the black but will put protector. Quality is excellent so they should be fine.
Best Sandles I've ever had!!!
Planet Shoes is one of the best companies I order from......they arrive very quickly....exchanges are very easy and they pay for returns! Excelllent!!
Wonderful comfy shoes
Avoided Mephistos for years as oldies shoes. By chance, I received a pair of Mephisto Sanos and fell in love. No longer old persons footwear, these shoes are up-to-date and stylish. And the where you need it and are great walking, exercise, or just casual shoes. Also, very well made and the service support by Mephisto is superb. They are pricey but will last for years and can be refurbished and resoled. These are the fourth pair I have bought recently.