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The inspiration for OlovesM Bags came to me while I was in the downward dog pose in yoga class. The idea literally popped into my head --what happens to mats that are no longer used or thrown out? I did a ton of research to find out that a lot of mats are made from PVC & get tossed into landfills-even new ones! So I went on a quest to find those unused mats and make Functional-Unique-Hip-Sassy bags! All of them are proudly made in the USA.

OlovesM feels strongly about helping. We show our love in many ways, from donating bags, to helping at events– we care, so we share!

Run For Funds 2010
Donating bags to help raise money for the new playground was very exciting for OlovesM– since my boys will be using it all the time, as well as the rest of the wonderful community!

Cancer Wellness Event
We will be donating Water Bottle Holders to the Cancer Wellness Stepping Up To Wellness Race held Sunday April 27th close to my home town!

Local Aspen Event
My younger son started playing hockey this winter, and was part of an amazing team. To help raise money for the program, OlovesM donated some bags to the Hockey benefit.