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First of all, a word of thanks to you, our wonderful friends, colleagues and customers. It is hard to believe that 10 years have passed since we made our first hat. There is no way we could have reached this milestone without you. Thank you, for getting to know us, for believing in us, and for encouraging us along the way. Originally, our goal was to take the little pieces seriously – to elevate accessories, and specifically headwear, to the place they deserve. A decade later, we have evolved into crafting a complete line of beloved hats, scarves, headbands, belts, and handwear.

Today, our collection feels fine-tuned, well-rounded, and beyond anything we could have imagined at our start. Our Spring/Summer 2014 collection is all about the sun – celebrating its return, as well as protecting ourselves from its strong rays during these longest days of the year. This is the time to revel in the fact that we can spend more time outside; colors are bright, fabrics are light, and floral prints reflect the explosive abundance we see in nature.

We are excited to share the energy of the season, and our collection, with you. And we never forget to stay grounded in what you’ve come to know as the Pistil way: All our pieces – no matter how beautiful, playful, or attractive – meet our standard for impeccable craftsmanship, a great fit, and quality that is uncompromised in every detail.

Very nice warm hat.
Fits well on my small woman''s head. Comfortable and not itchy
This is so soft and stylish
I love this hat. I can wear it out and about when its cold out and not feel frumpy in it.
Tried to rate this a two because it is really scratchy around your necklace.mhowever it won't let me change the rating! It is warm and does block out the mn cold.
Looks Hand Made
This is a pretty scarf and looks as if someone who loves you made it for you. It's also warm.
my son fave hat
Obviously as shoe lovers here at PlanetShoes.com, we love accessories. One of our staff is a huge fan of great hats, so outs selection of fun and unique hats, gloves and accessories is growing every season. Pistil was a fabulous addition to our accessories here at PlanetShoes.com and our customers let us know by making it one of our hottest selling brands last winter. We all love our Pistil hats. They kept us warm and cozy and stylish all winter long and now we’re all sporting them this summer as fun and different accessories. After all, woman cannot live by shoes alone!

Pistil hats use high quality materials like Lana Cotta boiled wool and extra fine merino wool and cashmere from Italy for their winter hats and caps and high quality cottons and lighter fabrics for their cute summer hats. Pistil hats use fun shapes and patterns and soft colors to create the perfect hats and accessories. Pistil designers pay attention to the trends of the day, creating adorable newsboy caps and traditional winter hats using fun and different yarns, colors and textures to mix it up a little bit.

During the winter months, Pistil hats will keep you cozy no matter the temperature. You’ll find classic beanies and pom pom hats alongside cute newsboy caps and funky hats with hanging earflaps and tassels. We’ll often carry coordinating scarves, mittens, gloves and even the popular fingerless gloves and wristlets from Pistil as well. Last year, the wristlets were one of our best sellers for ladies out there with cold hands who needed finger freedom. Pistil hats are more than just a utility item to keep you warm though – they are an adorable fashion statement that can even be worn all day long.

For spring and summer, grab a Pistil hat to shade your eyes from the beaming sun and just think how cute you’ll look post-beach in a cute Pistil hat with braids rather than having to run home and shower before you hit your favorite beach bar or restaurant. We also have some great Pistil scarves that will help you to achieve the on trend look of the day! Remember, the best thing about hats and scarves is that they can enliven even the most classic and simplest outfit. So spice up your shorts and tank with a cute Pistil cap!

No matter the season, there will be a Pistil hat with which you will fall in love. The great materials, cute look and delicious textures will keep you coming back for more offerings from this brand. In the fall and winter, you’ll be warm and comfortable and in the spring and summer you’ll look great and stay cool in the shade. Enjoy our Pistil hat shop here at PlanetShoes.com.