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  • Size: 80.31% True to Size (193 ratings)
    • 80.31% True to Size
    • 7.77% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 7.25% Runs 1/2 Size Large
    • 3.11% Runs 1 Size Large
    • 1.55% Runs 1 Size Small
  • Width: 88.83% True to Width (188 ratings)
    • 88.83% True to Width
    • 7.45% Runs Narrow
    • 3.72% Runs Wide
  • Arch Support: 56.35% Good (181 ratings)
    • 56.35% Good
    • 27.62% Excellent
    • 16.02% Minimal
  • Shaft Width: 57.14% True to Width (7 ratings)
    • 57.14% True to Width
    • 28.57% Runs Wide
    • 14.29% Runs Narrow

It is with great joy that we introduce you to POETIC LICENCE

The Poetic Licence family is a group of girls who are loving and living fashion. It is a true pleasure to share our collections with you.

The spirit of Poetic Licence is a celebration of all women. Our footwear is designed with the hope of inspiring women to embrace their authentic beauty, express their own individuality, and invigorate a zest for life.

Poetic Licence was born in 2005 in London, England. Our talented design team takes their inspiration from a love of things past and artfully incorporates modern design to create a line of beautifully unique footwear.

Would have loved to have the navy shoes but did not have in my size I have kept the red, but would much rather have the navy
Like all Poetic Licence products, this shoe is a work of art. It lifts any outfit and is timeless in style. I'll be wearing this shoe for many years to come.....
Love these shoes! They are really cute and comfortable enough to stand in for several hours. I got so many compliments on them the first time I wore them to work. I found the toe box a bit narrow but not enough to make them uncomfortable or unwearable.
Great Dress Sandals
These sandals are VERY comfortable and look quite beautiful on the foot especially when matched with the right outfit.
Wonderful shoes!
i first ordered these shoes from planet shoes via amazon, in a size 6, as i usually find that shoes are too large for me i take anything from a 5 to a 6.5 depending on the brand and style of shoe. i have small feet but a wide toe area, so it is challenging to find attractive shoes that are also comfortable. because the size 6 i originally ordered is too small well, it just fits lengthwise but squeezes my toes i ordered a size 6.5 european 37 directly from planet to try instead, as i was quite impressed by this company's fast shipping. the 6.5s fit well no squeezing of toes and the length still works! the heels slip a teeny bit, but i think that is partially just the way the shape of the shoes work with my foot because the heels on the 6s slipped a bit too, though less than the bigger size. these are super comfortable i bought them hoping they'd be comfy and cute enough to be my wedding shoes and i am happy to say that i'm keeping the larger size as my wedding footwear, and i think i'll be able to wear them all day and dance in them, too! they have foot petals-like built-in padding, which makes them extra soft and gives pretty decent arch support, even for someone like me with high, stiff arches. i am also very pleased to find something like these that are so unique, come in red, and have a low-mid heel, as i am ultra uncomfortable in a heel higher than 2 1/2 inches, but am short so i like to wear what heel i can. great shoes! the box poetic license shoes come in is really fun, too like a brilliantly decorated suitcase!

Known for their women's dress shoes, Poetic Licence perfectly treads the line between office-appropriate and individual style. Never boring and never inappropriate these ballet flats, and Mary Jane's use faux animal prints and quality leathers to accent their elegant designs.

Poetic Licence shoes help women to express themselves without going over the top! Pair them with a business suit or a great pair of jeans and you'll feel more confident than ever showcasing your style with luxurious women's heels and spunky mary jane's.

As comfortable and stylish as the dress flats are, there is nothing quite like the classic high-heeled shoes to take it up a notch. Women's heels have chic appeal that can't be matched so go ahead and grab a pair of Poetic License and enjoy!