Privo By Clarks

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style in motion

We believe casual is a way of life and comfort frees the spirit. Comfort constructions, feather weight materials, and a unique, casual style.

Beautifully designed with the comfort of Soleassage inside, Privo lets you Step Lively.


Our trademarked pattern of raised bumps massages your feet with every step. The unique footbed cradles and massages to keep a bounce in your step. Soleassage® offers better circulation, improved airflow and total comfort.

• Comfort bumps uniquely positioned in the insole gently   massage underfoot
• Massage action improves blood circulation and air flow
• Long-lasting comfort comes from a double layer that won't   flatten out through wear

Welcome to Privo by Clarks! If you’re looking for a great shoe that puts comfort above pretty much everything else, you’ve come to the right place. Of course, as a Clarks company, every Privo shoe is also designed with style and durability in mind. These are classic shoes that will see you through your day – at the office, all over town or out and about on a busy weekend.

Women’s Privo shoes offer great Privo sandals perfect for the office, durable athletic inspired casual sneakers that are great for getting around town and practical athletic sandals that can clamber on the beach or putter in the garden. They are also designed to be well fitted, lightweight and classically styled but with an eye towards todays trends. You’ll find great textures, materials and colors offered that will work in any wardrobe.

One of the standouts in the Privo shoe collection is their comfort technology. They have taken inspiration from Clarks Shoes in their undying commitment to high quality materials and in creating durable but lightweight shoes – some of which weigh less than 6 oz – but the coolest technology is in the footbed. Privo footwear have developed this great footbed that is textured, called Soleassage ™ and it basically activates pressure points on the sole of your foot as you walk, giving you a foot massage with every step.

Privo can be fun, it can be practical, it can be durable and it can be stylish. Most of all, Privo is comfortable and well made. Enjoy Privo shoes from today!