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  • Size: 78.69% True to Size (61 ratings)
    • 78.69% True to Size
    • 9.84% Runs 1/2 Size Large
    • 4.92% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 3.28% Runs 1 Size Large
    • 3.28% Runs 1 Size Small
  • Width: 88.14% True to Width (59 ratings)
    • 88.14% True to Width
    • 6.78% Runs Narrow
    • 5.08% Runs Wide
  • Arch Support: 46.67% Good (60 ratings)
    • 46.67% Good
    • 28.33% Minimal
    • 25.00% Excellent
  • Shaft Width: 81.82% True to Width (11 ratings)
    • 81.82% True to Width
    • 9.09% Runs Wide
    • 9.09% Runs Narrow

Sebago® represents authentic product and timeless designs. Our original, handsewn Docksides® boat shoe and Classic beefroll penny loafer haven't changed since we first crafted them decades ago. Sebago is a celebration of everything New England... where life in, on or around the waters is a geographical unavoidability; where we are nautical in our traditions but deliver a future of performance and ingenuity.

Welcome to a place where "handmade" actually means something. Where cobblers still make shoes by hand, not only out of tradition, but out of a desire to maintain a level of craftsmanship that makes Sebago the finest shoes on both land and water. Our true genuine mocs are a testament to that skill and dedication. Hand sewn without any guide holes, our expert cobblers create each shoe to be uniquely hardwearing and profoundly comfortable thanks to our patented Welt Construction. The result is a handmade Sebago classic that delivers uncompromising fit, comfort, and quality.

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Great shoe great quality slim calf
Amazing quality for the price!
I looked all over for good quality, dark grey/army green lace-up ankle boots to wear with my skinny jeans. These shoes are adorable and super comfortable. The rubber on the sole makes them feel more sturdy and tough. They are warm and all around fantastic. Don't hesitate to purchase!
Very comfortable nice support
Nice comfortable sandal, Easy off-easy on.
great boat shoe
I love these shoe! I find the foot runs slightly narrow but after a few wear they fir perfect.