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About Shred Alert
Inspired by the outdoor mecca of Hood River, Oregon and the people that choose to call it home, ShredAlert was founded on the belief in making high quality, useful products, for people who love the outdoors. Our story however is less about the business and more about a passion for doing what we love, creating products that will enhance the lifestyles of people like ourselves.

According to UrbanDictionary.com:


  1. To 'slide' on a skateboard, often in a fashion which damages the surface used to slide.
  2. To skate, snowboard, surf or BMX aggressively.
  3. A form of longboard surfing which breaks the wave being 'shredded'

So this should give you some idea of there the concept of Shred Alert hats was born. These are hats for aggressive, active, passionate and seriously fun people. If you’re up on the mountain and you need gear for your heads, Shred Alert hats are what you need to be looking at. Not only Shred Alert hats and caps well made for hitting the slopes or simply for forging out each morning in the winter months, they look great! Shred alert takes the old hat styles we know so well and adds their own special element that takes a simple hat and makes it into a Shred Alert Hat.

Shred Alert hats are made with a variety of materials from lightweight wools to fleece, and many are lined with acrylic. It’s the lining that’s the key to the extra level of warmth you’ll feel in these great shred alert winter hats. Plus, because they are lined, they keep their shape beautifully. With many knit caps, after a season of hard-hitting cold weather, they will stretch out or unravel. Shred Alert hats are constructed for durability under pressure and they will last you several winters if you take good care of them. Likewise, the materials used in Shred Alert hats are also designed to keep you warm and block the wind. They are breathable but cozy and designed to fit a variety of heads.

Their pom pom beanies, for example, have a great retro feel that will take you back in time while keeping you cozy warm…and by making you easy to spot no matter where you are. Their flaps and bands collection featured cute winter hats with earflaps that will protect you from the cold wind. Shred Alert pays attention to the details by adding cute details like buttons onto your earflap hat to give them just a little additional styling. One of our favorites among the Shred Alert hats last winter was their cute cap style. Plenty of room in the head, snug at the brow and featuring an abbreviated brim, these hats came in all patterns and colors offering trendy take on classic materials.

So consider Shred Alert hats when you’re roaming throughout the site. Never forget that PlanetShoes.com is as passionate about it’s accessories, hats, gloves and scarves as it is about all of it’s fabulous shoes. Enjoy the Shred Alert hat shop here at PlanetShoes.com.