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  • Size: 75.00% True to Size (4 ratings)
    • 75.00% True to Size
    • 25.00% Runs 1/2 Size Small
  • Width: 100.00% True to Width (4 ratings)
    • 100.00% True to Width
  • Arch Support: 50.00% Good (4 ratings)
    • 50.00% Good
    • 50.00% Minimal

PRODUCTS OF OUR ENVIRONMENT When you live, work and play in a place where all four seasons can happen in any given day, real world testing can and does happen every day — and by calling the Colorado Rockies home, that's exactly what we do. It's because of this that we're able to make our products smarter, more comfortable, and more capable.

IT'S NO FLUKE WE’RE CALLED SMARTWOOL We're wool geeks, there's no way around it. For over 17 years we've been combining the latest in innovative design, technology and construction with the best wool nature has to offer, and it's this expertise and experience combined with our passion for mountain sports that makes our products so unique.

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The Smartwool commitment

Sheep never hurt anybody. So why should we hurt them to get our wool? We make sure that our sheep can wander free, without having to suffer from harsh livestock management practices.

Like sheep, our New Zealand wool growers would never hurt anybody- especially sheep. We choose our relationships wisely and work with the best growers. We endeavor to always pay a fair price, so our growers never to skimp with their sheep to bring us wool.

Like our sheep, like our growers, we've never hurt anybody. Every piece of SmartWool is procured in a way that is entirely in balance with our sheep, our growers, and our world.

As important as what we wear is how we wear it out in the world. SmartWool Advocacy was born out of our commitment to give back to communities in which our customers and employees live, work and play. Our Advocacy program allows us to bring this commitment to life in ways that ensure future generations will continue to enjoy the outdoors that are so special to all of us.

Our belief in a thoughtful approach to living extends beyond the walls of our office and the boundaries of our industry. Our commitment to mountain life includes partnering with those businesses, sporting groups, and retailer partners who share our passion for the outdoors and helping others find their joy outside.

What makes SmartWool Lifestyle Socks so comfy?

Quality socks
Keep your feet warm, and aren''t to tight on the ankles.
just fine
Standard SmartWool quality, Large seems to fit this tall girl 5'10.

You won't find better gear to keep you comfortable in all conditions than SmartWool, whether you're out tromping in rain, shine, heat or hail. It's the best fiber in the world for cold and warm, wet and dry weather use, combining comfort and performance into one versatile package. SmartWool Benefits

* Temp Control: SmartWool keeps you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold
* No Stink: SmartWool keeps your feet dry in all conditions and it's naturally antimicrobial.
* Easy Care: Machine washable and dryer friendly.
* Enviro Friendly: SmartWool is a renewable resource.

The SmartWool Advocacy Fund (The Fund), a project of the SmartWool Corporation, supports those organizations that identify & focus on creating long-term social change. Like our brand, we feel that true success is driven by a passion for what you do, effective leadership, and strong grassroots characteristics including volunteer participation and citizen involvement.