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Welcome to Sockwell, a Goodhew solution! At Sockwell, we craft therapeutic socks that combine natural, high performance yarns, cutting edge knitting techniques, and a fresh eye for design and color. Feel better and be better in Sockwell.

Trivia for the season:

Average number of steps each day: 10,000
Average body weight: 150 lbs
Amount of force the feet are exposed to each day: 1,500,000 lbs!

Love 'em
I've been wearing graduated compression socks for years but hadn't had much luck finding them in winter weight. They exist but the selection is pretty limited. A couple of years ago I ran into this brand and it was love at first wear. They hold up really well and are available in cute patterns. Finding them at a sale price on Planet Shoes was a wonderful surprise.
very nice socks, soft and pretty
Good compression socks
These socks were very tight. I did have some trouble to put them on the first time. They were fine after that and they fit really well. However, they are too hot for FL weather at this time, so I have retired them till wintertime.
Grandpa loves them!
I got these for my Grandpa and he loves these socks! They stay put and there is enough give with the spandex to feel comfortable all day.
Excellent Purchase
The Damask Compression sock is pretty, comfortable, and well made. I stand a lot at work. These socks eliminate the pain that I had been experiencing in my legs.