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Welcome to Sockwell, a Goodhew solution! At Sockwell, we craft therapeutic socks that combine natural, high performance yarns, cutting edge knitting techniques, and a fresh eye for design and color. Feel better and be better in Sockwell.

Trivia for the season:

Average number of steps each day: 10,000
Average body weight: 150 lbs
Amount of force the feet are exposed to each day: 1,500,000 lbs!

Comfy compressions
a much more stylish way to have compression socks! I like the feel of them the tight support they give and overall am happy with the purchase
Husband loves them!
I first got my husband a pair of these for Christmas. His doctor had recommended compression socks because of circulation problems but he wasn't sure he would like them. After wearing these a couple times he has decided they are the only kind he wants to wear for work. He bought every color available. They look nice with his dress clothes, and his feet & legs feel great after a long day.
Registered Nurse
The socks are perfect. My legs feel good after 12 hours of work. No more leg pain after work.
Best Compression Sock Ever!!!
I walk a lot in my work, about 10,000 steps/day I have worn expensive, high-end compression socks of all kinds for the past thirty years. Never have I ever felt so good with a pair of compression socks on my feet. This is a new discovery, and I will be buying more. a very nice price; $25 vs $60.