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Welcome to Sockwell, a Goodhew solution! At Sockwell, we craft therapeutic socks that combine natural, high performance yarns, cutting edge knitting techniques, and a fresh eye for design and color. Feel better and be better in Sockwell.

Trivia for the season:

Average number of steps each day: 10,000
Average body weight: 150 lbs
Amount of force the feet are exposed to each day: 1,500,000 lbs!

Sockwell Socks
They feel and fit great...plan to buy more.
Sockwell Compression Socks
Love these socks! I bought these for travel during the holidays. Air travel plus lots of walking = tired legs & feet. Not while wearing these socks.
too tight around the top
pretty design but too tight around the top ring. I have two other pairs - also 15-20 mg Hg that dont' bother me.
added to my relief
I was just diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and could not believe the pain. These socks helped.
Try These
I stand on concrete 8 to 10 hours a day. I wear great sturdy comfortable shoes and decent socks. I decided to give these a try. Great googly moogoly, what a difference! I love them and will be purchasing more. My feet felt great even after a 9 hour shift.