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   Tsubo ratings

Average Customer Rating Based On 169 Reviews

5 Star
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  • Size: 81.43% True to Size (140 ratings)
    • 81.43% True to Size
    • 11.43% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 3.57% Runs 1 Size Small
    • 3.57% Runs 1/2 Size Large
  • Width: 82.98% True to Width (141 ratings)
    • 82.98% True to Width
    • 14.18% Runs Narrow
    • 2.84% Runs Wide
  • Arch Support: 60.74% Good (135 ratings)
    • 60.74% Good
    • 25.93% Excellent
    • 13.33% Minimal
  • Shaft Width: 100.00% True to Width (2 ratings)
    • 100.00% True to Width

We are a company founded by designers and craftsmen that believe good design enhances your life and a well designed shoe should complement your body and natural movement. We share a passion for creating innovative, design-driven footwear; it is who and why we are.

Inspired by beauty of great design from fashion, architecture, furniture and automotive; we create footwear for the innovators and originators who know that great style goes deep, that truly fine design runs both above… and below, the surface.

In Our World Video Series: Featuring Tsubo

There is nothing us Planet people enjoy more than talking about shoes! When friends and family ask, “what are your favorite brands?” we naturally rattle off dozens of names we love for their own special reasons. Get to know what it’s like in our world of feel-good footwear as we share our experiences with you.