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  • Size: 84.98% True to Size (273 ratings)
    • 84.98% True to Size
    • 9.89% Runs 1/2 Size Small
    • 3.66% Runs 1/2 Size Large
    • 1.10% Runs 1 Size Small
    • 0.37% Runs 1 Size Large
  • Width: 86.94% True to Width (268 ratings)
    • 86.94% True to Width
    • 10.45% Runs Narrow
    • 2.61% Runs Wide
  • Arch Support: 57.95% Good (264 ratings)
    • 57.95% Good
    • 27.27% Excellent
    • 14.77% Minimal
  • Shaft Width: 84.11% True to Width (107 ratings)
    • 84.11% True to Width
    • 9.35% Runs Wide
    • 6.54% Runs Narrow


White Mountain Shoes are, quite simply, made to be worn. Our carefully crafted collection is built to reside at the front of your closet; your go to favorites to wear again and again, season after season.

Created with quality materials, understandable styling and the tried and trusted techniques that come with over 30 years experience in the shoe industry, our footwear brings a level of sophistication and quality to any ensemble. So comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing them, each pair is a pleasure to own.


The White Mountain Footwear Group was founded in 1979 with one mission: to produce stylish, quality footwear at a great value. The company was started by 4 shoemakers who combined their wealth of shoe industry experience to reopen a recently shuttered factory in Lisbon, New Hampshire, the historical home of American Shoemaking.

Our company standards are based on integrity, quality and loyalty, and we are proud to carry out all of our product development here in the US. From our simple beginnings, the White Mountain Footwear Group remains one of the top employers in Lisbon NH, and to this day we have employees who have been with us since day one.

We pride ourselves on giving millions of women across the country a reason to smile as they slip on their shoes. We hope you will join them!


The White Mountain Footwear Group is committed to working with our supply chain and retail partners to endorse, improve and impact environmental sustainability initiatives, both in the U.S. and internationally. We are committed to ensuring that the necessary policies and measures are taken to plan, execute and monitor our business activities worldwide, ensuring that they stay true to the goals of our Sustainability Mission.

  • Reduction of pollutants.
  • Reduction of Carbon and Energy output.
  • Ensure Environmentally Friendly Practices across our Supply Chain and Footwear Production methods.
  • Work with suppliers and customers on the strict implementation of environmental laws and regulations.
  • Educate both domestic and international personnel on Environmental Protection and Cleaner Production Initiatives.
  • Defining and enforcing ‘green’ initiatives on the factory floor.
  • Working to raise awareness of environmental issues amongst our employees, factories and partners and educating them regarding sustainability.

White Mountain women's shoes blend quality leather and the latest innovations to create a shoe that is as comfortable as it is stylish. Updating the women's sandal, mules, clogs and slides, White Mountain has included beading, embroidery and jeweled stones to add an extra feminine touch to these shoes.

Particularly known for their women's mules, White Mountain takes summer footwear by storm. Perfect for hot days and warm nights, these shoes will be a favorite all season long. Strappy and fresh, these cork wedge high heel mules transition from Summer to Fall with earthy colors in rich leather.