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Your feet are your foundation. At Wigwam we believe in protecting that foundation with socks constructed to support you in every activity you pursue.

For over 100 years, Wigwam has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of our customers. We have done this not just through providing them the finest quality socks, but by providing them with the assurance that their purchase of Wigwam socks supports its reputation of honesty and integrity.

Our manufacturing facility is state of the art and getting more “green” all of the time. We have and are working with local utilities to improve our efficiency and limit our carbon footprint by installing solar energy panels to heat our water, motion sensory lights to limit wasted power, and responsible waste management to re-use and recycle as much as we can.

Wigwam Socks have been around for more than 100 years. They make socks for all seasons and all activities. You’ll find high performance socks for long days on the trail, you’ll find technology that keeps your feet warm and dry all winter long and you’ll also find simple, comfortable socks for every day wear. Wigwam knows how important socks are to comfort and all activities so they have committed to making the lives of their customers better by bringing their expertise and technology to the simple, but critical sock.

The pro series sock is a feat of engineering including hydrophilic fibers that run the entire length of the sock to pull moisture from the lower part of your foot and up and out the leg. By managing your sweat and the moisture surrounding your feet, you’ll be able to hike longer and further! The fusion line actually combines a sock and a liner in one using a moisture absorbent fiber on the exterior of the sock, and a moisture repellent fiber within, so the moisture works its way *away* from your foot - to keep you dry no matter how hard you’re trekking.

Wigwam socks are proudly made in the USA by a company committed to keeping Americans employed and in creating a high quality product. Wigwam is likewise committed to greening their business through sustainable practices like working closely with their local utilities, using solar thermal technologies and buying domestic supplies to support our local economy.

Wigwam socks are made with the kind of care you want in a high quality sock that actually supports your foundation. They don’t use inexpensive materials or simple construction like a tube sock. Every wigwam sock is designed to fit your foot, to stand up to the test of harsh conditions and to remain in place while providing support and comfort.

Wigwam socks are perfect for your long summer hikes; your fall tromps through the foliage and for frolicking in the snow all winter long. Once you invest in your first pair of Wigwam high performance socks, you’ll see why they have been successfully in business for over 100 years. Find them here at Planet Shoes and enjoy the sensation of comfortable foundation under a great pair of shoes or boots!