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Xob is part of the Dohm-Icebox family, and is the picture of sustainability. Made in Colorado, USA, we started 16 years ago handcrafting our wool knit hat line on antique knitting machines. All machines are powered by hand. All hats are comprised of world class woolly yarns that are produced under the strictest environmental standards. Our double-knit construction creates a thick, warm fabric barrier that withstands the coldest temperatures and the wettest of conditions. Xob headwear features the latest natural fiber fashion yarns from Italy and Peru.

The Xob collection for season 10/11 has even more fun and funky styles! All products are handcrafted from pieces and parts of gently used wool/wool blend sweaters and suit jackets. The upcycled sweater products are over-stitched with boucle' yarn giving it an even more unique look.

No two items of Xob are alike. The pieces and parts of recycled wool blend sweaters and wool suit jackets are used to handcraft our funky and fun hat and accessory lines. The headband is lined with recycled polar fleece. The trimmings and scraps from our hat liness are then used to stuff Xob the Recycled Sweater Monkey and for the handcrafted appliqué. Our sweater monkey is stuffed with the help of those from the Center for People with Disabilities, Boulder County.

Our packaging consists of:

* Recyclable plastic bags.
* Xob hangtags are 100% recycled post consumer waste printed with soy based link.
* Dohm Hangtags are 50% recycled post consumer wasted printed with veggie based ink.
* Catalogs are printed on mixed sources and certified by FSC.
* Micro-weave labels contain 35% of recycled milk jugs.